What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?


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Your co-workers will end up being more than your friends, they'll end up being your second family. You'll go through things together that no one else understands. You don't have to like them, but you have to spend a lot of your waking hours with them, so you might as well have fun and lean on each other, it makes the whole thing easier.

And if you're not in a workplace where you can joke around, want to willingly help each other with patient care, and give each other life advice....maybe you should find one. I honestly can't imagine being as cold to my co-workers as some of you guys suggest. Have you all really been burned that badly by other nurses?

Very good thread. OP, I wish you all the best. You can succeed and still remain sane. You can do it. One step after the next. I believe in you.

To all who have faced and overcome challenges - Hooray! You are the best folks I "know" and I'm so proud of you.

Save early and more for retirement.

Be a foster parent or adopt that wonderful kid if your heart leads you there. The kids need help and we can give it if spouses are also willing. Be a Big Brother or Sister if you can't foster or adopt. It is sooo worthwhile.

Take one path and if it doesn't take you where you want to go, change paths. No sin to change.

Be nice to people.

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Lastly, for the love of God, AVOID THE VENDING MACHINES. Especially after midnight.

Definitely this!


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Definitely this!
LOL I blame the vending machines that were RIGHT OUTSIDE THE UNIT DOORS to my first night shift job for at least 50% of the expansion in my bottom. A snickers at 3 am is not your friend. Back away from the candy bar!


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Screw that. Burn up your GI Bill on flight school, welding instruction, certified scuba instructor or some post retirement backup career/hobby. School is a check the block drill of paint by the numbers where you mostly teach yourself with a few scatter nuggets of sage advice from an instructor if you're lucky. Never let it stand in the way of you reaching your highest level of excellence or incompetence in some cases (there are plenty of others who haven't that you'll most likely work for along the way and that should be enough motivation). That's exactly what I'd have told myself 10 years ago.

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You do have other financial aid resources available to you besides the GI bill. Please fill out the FAFSA. Also check with your school's financial aid office. UNLV may have other scholarships available. The financial aid office can also advise you on how to search for scholarships. There are many scholarships every year that go unclaimed. After you graduate, many employers offer loan repayment. HRSA also has a loan repayment program you can apply for.

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Debriefing is a post mortem review. What went right? What went wrong? What are the lessons learned to do better next time? Based on this, what are action steps I can take to ensure things go better next time? How do I implement the action steps?

Debriefing is common in the military. I'm surprised you did not know this.


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Yes... this is me but we did it!