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What kind of shoes would you recommend for nursing school - or nursing in general. The only requirement by my school is that they have to be all white. What brands do you like? What brands don't you like? What should I get??




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i would look for shoes with support, comfort, as well as how they look. at present, i find the support and comfort in drscholl's shoes.


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dansko clogs, hands down. About $100 but well worth the money in my opinion.

klone, MSN, RN

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I'm planning on getting some Birkenstocks. I'll need them just in time for my birthday in August....

I bought a pair of plain white K-Swiss. I hope they get the job done for me. Good luck!


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i think that easy spirit walking shoes are the best. i wear them with dr scholls arch support insoles.


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Another vote for Dansko clogs.


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Quarks clogs work great for me. Liked them so much I got a pair in black for everyday wear!

Chaya, ASN, RN

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Skechers Energy. Under fifty bucks, less on sale.


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I have gone from Birkenstocks to Danskos, and now to New Balance. I LOVE my New Balance 810!


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I just got back from purchasing my Danskos!! Wa HOO!!


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I got a pair of Danskos for Christmas. I haven't been able to actually USE them yet...don't go back to clinicals til the 22nd. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me they ran a little small. I am a (large) size 10...but had to get my Danskos in a size 42 (supposedly equivalent to a size 12!!!:eek: :imbar )

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