What job is suitable for a first job for a LVN?

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what do you recommend as a first job for a LVN? Nursing homes is not the route that I want to go but it seems no Hospitals will hire unless a nurse has several years of experience. HELP. As of now I only have a lvn lic but plan on getting ACLS certified. I did orientate at a nursing home but quit during orientation. I they lied and told me I would be given 30 patients but instead they were orientating me to work 2 halls meaning 60 plus patients. They didn't even orientate me to nursing policies and procedures as to what the facility allows their nurses to do for the patients incase of emergencies. Any suggestions.

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I'm curious, exactly what type of setting are you looking to work in as an LPN/LVN? In my area the number of places that will hire an LPN/LVN is rather limited and mostly includes LTC/Skilled Nursing facilities although for an experienced nurse you may find a position in Home Health, Primary Care or a Derm. Clinic. If you are looking to work in a hospital you may find that you have to look around the country and be willing to relocate in order to find a hospital that will hire a new LPN/LVN. Let us know how it goes, best of luck!

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I hope its better at your next job, I am also a new grad lpn and I also quit my first job at a ltc cuz it made me feel crazy 36 pts to one nurse on day shift, but my new job I absolutely love, 15-20 pts and staff who are willing to help, and I feel so much safer as a nurse, I hope u have the luck I had and also if u want to work in a hospital go back to school, in September in start back almost full time, but im happy with all the decisions I have made. Good luck

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Maybe Home Health...

Thanks for all your comments. I guess since I am new, I would like to start off slow. I am looking into working at clinics. I still want to attend online classes for wound certification, ecg certification to name a few. I just found it ridiculous to work at a facility with 60 plus patients as a new nurse. Something is bound to go wrong somewhere and I don't want to loose my lic so early in the game. I am also looking to get . Does anyone have any suggestions for liability insurance in Texas? I am going to try applying Home Health once I get liability insurance. Anything I should know about home health?

I'm a new LPN and I've been doing Home Health Care for 9 months now. It is great. I've learned so much. Just be sure you get a company that will let you train as much as you feel you need before being on your own. I did that. It has been the best thing. And I have experience on a wide variety of things that look impressive on my resume, such as: "taking vitals; performing assessments; record-keeping and charting; administering medications and injections; suctioning; measuring ketones; giving enemas; digital stimulation; managing/monitoring feeding pumps; G-tube cares; managing oxygen compressor, ventilator, pulse oximeter; administering nebulizer treatments; performing range of motion and other rehabilitation exercises, repositioning, bathing, dressing; aiding clients with seizures or tremors; responding to emergencies".

I am a new LPN in NewYork looking to land my first job. I already work in a hospital which i applied too. I am still waiting on the feedback, but in the mean time i would like to get something part time to hone my nursing skill, some one suggested trying clinich since they hire LPN more. I will also wellcome more Suggestion. Thanks.

I am taking my BLS this thursday. Are there any other ceritification i can add to make myself more marketable, all suggestion will be imensley appreciated.

There is a forum devoted to home health where you can find plenty of info, including advice not to work there without prior experience. You are going to have to get experience somewhere. Unfortunately the perfect positions are few and far between. For that matter, any positions for new grads are few and far between. You may have to accept a job with the outlook that you are there to learn as much as possible before moving on to something 'better'. Good luck.

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