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Originally posted by cyberkat

As SJoe said, You must be diligent for the rest of your life about sticking to lifestyle changes. Diet and exercise will alway be key to any method of weight loss, whether it's Atkins or surgery.

I know I am going to raise some rath by saying this. BUT It is safer to do lifestyle change and diet and exercise.

So if you have to do this with the surgery then why have the surgery. I know I know it is "easy"

Really if you have seen what I have you would not call it easy.

I have regularly seen spleens lacerated, permanent cardiac damage.

I have had patients comatose, with brain damage, on TPN, on peg tubes, on ventilators, with permanaent cardiac damage and dysrythmia, on dialysis, hemorrage, loose thier spleen, and die as a direct result of these surgeries.

I have seen them come back in for second surgeries to correct damage done by the first and second surgeries.

AND I have seen these folks regain the weight because they in time stretch thier stomach pouch and go back to thier old ways.

Healthy? No. You are trading one set of health problems for permanent malnutrition, electrolyte and chemical imbalance, and a miriad of chronic problems induced by the the imbalances.

Personally I would not let anyone I love go though this butchery.

Go ahead thow your best flames at me. If you were someone I loved I would do everything in my power to keep you away from this.

These people are not accepted as candidates for less dangerous general surgeries because they are such a high surgical risk. Yet we put them under this?

Laporscopic in this case does not equal minor, easy nor safe surgery.

The reason this surgey is done and done so much is that it is a huge $$$$$$$$pot.

The reason you must have psyc eval is it is REQUIRED by insurance companies and because MD must cover their backside. The only time an insurance Company will pay is when they can show that they "tried" other things and did the psyc eval and that the problem is not due to an underlying thyroid problem. The sergeon is just covering himself and jumping though hoops to meet the requirements for payment.

Believe what you will. I am telling the truth. MD with good bedside mannor does not = humanitarian.


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I probably should stay out of this since I was attacked in a similar thread for advocating diet and exercise.


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there is a REASON that insurance requires all other methods to be exhausted first and will only pay for this if it is THE LAST RESORT.


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We get a lot of post-op bariatric pts on our floor ~ lap gastric bypass. While I have seen some success stories, I have also seen things go tragically wrong. This is not a risk-free surgery ~ no surgery is. I do consider the risks higher w/ this though because the pt population is compromised by being morbidly obese, often times with comorbidities ranging from HTN, sleep apnea, diabetes and asthma.

This surgery is by far NOT the easy way out, nor is it a guarantee for weight loss. As has been previously stated, it is possible to stretch out the stomach pouch, thus increasing the amt of food one can consume...leading to weight gain.

Just my $.02


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Thanks guys for all the info. I am going to do some more research! It's not going to be a easy decision, but I will keep you updated! Thanks again!


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Having seen with my own eyes the hell a coworker is going thru after hers 3 years ago I would say NO WAY JOSE...do NOT do it. Go to that website for ideas (the one suggested above). this is MAJOR surgery and is full of risks I would NOT want to undertake. This girl I work with is sorry every day she did it; her life has never been the same and food has a new meaning to her now: HELL. Good luck w/your decision.

Katnip, RN

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I don't know if I can post this here because it's from another nursing site, but it is a good article:



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"Figgynurse..is your DH dumping? That is what happens to the one girl I work with and she has the exact same symptoms."

It soes sound like dumping, doesn't it? But it can happen any time, not just after a meal of sweets. It wakes him up in the middleof the night or it can happen when he hasn't eaten. And no diarrhea with it.

He has dumped plenty and he says it's different. Drs are treating him for anxiety but i know it is a physical problem and r/t the surgery.

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