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I work at Vanderbilt Dialysis Clinic in Nashville. I am an LPN studying to become an RN.

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  1. Then you probably take care of some of my pts when they come through. Lord knows they are in and out of the hospital enough. It is common among dialysis pts to have amputations
  2. nursefiggy

    Considering Dialysis Nursing...Advice Please!

    Dialysis can be very challenging, especially when you are new. It is also very rewarding. If you work in a chronic out pt setting you have an oppertunity to get to know your pts and can give them continuity of care. As a nurse, you would have to learn to administer the dialysis tx first. There would be a curiculum to learn and some tests to pass. Then you have to learn to place the needles and given the tx. The hardest thing is learning to string the machine. It just takes repetitian. Once you have that mastered, you would be placed in charge over several technicians. You would round with the drs, do dose changes of certain meds according to the pt's labs, do catheters and meds along with reams of paper work. Once you get in a routine, the work is not bad! If you have med surge mastered, then this will be a walk in the park. Most clinics open around 5 am so the hours start early. Our RNs usually work 5:30 am to about 6 or 6:30 pm three days a week. I would recommend dialysis. I definately prefer it to LTC! Good Luck!
  3. nursefiggy

    Any RCG emplyees out there?

    Nashville, TN. I'm sorry, I took for granted everyone knew where Vanderbilt was. This is also the first RCG clinic. Dr Hakim, who started RCG with siome ohter docs is still here. He was our medical director until last year. Nashville is also the business headquarters for RCG. The computer help desk is located here, too.
  4. nursefiggy

    Do you use crit lines?

    Unfortunately, they are very spendy and break alot. The drs love them though and research has proved that the hcts are very accurate so we can do a hct check without taking blood or sending to a lab! We can check a hct and give blood if necessary in the same tx.
  5. nursefiggy

    Any RCG emplyees out there?

    mittels, are you RCG, too? I love our clinic here at Vanderbilt.
  6. nursefiggy

    BP dropping at beginning of tx=need help

    What aobut UF profiling? Do you have a crit line available? Do you use a sodium profile?
  7. nursefiggy

    What do you do with verbal abuse

    In our clinic that would be referred to the social worker and a contract would be written and they would be required to sign it and it would be discussed with the dr also. If it continued and no one was willing to care this pt they would be forced to find another clinic. Rarely does that happen.
  8. nursefiggy

    LPN training in Nashville

    On White Bridge Rd? That is where I graduated in '99. All good experiences. It was tough but I did well. (Valedictorian) Look for Tracy Hatcher in the pictures in the hallway. I think it is right across from the office. I signed a contract with Bordeaux. I didn't honor it as it was a HAAARD job and I regreted it. Now I am in dialysis and LOVE it! It can be tough at times but you really get to use your assessment skills and are always learning. You also get to know your pts really well. Good luck! My fav instructor was Mrs Johnson but I heard she just quit
  9. nursefiggy

    Do you use crit lines?

    go to http://www.hemametrics.com/ It is the most valuable tool I have found. Some fo the more difficult pts to dialyze I have figured out their own uf profile. For instance, I know that with a particular pt I can begin the tx with a uf of 2000for one hr and then a uf of 300 for half and hr and then a uf of 600 for the remainder of the tx with the last 15 min at 300 to check for refill. Of course that varies with how much fluid they have on. I also know that on a pt with an 02 sat of 88 on room air, if i put 02 on them and I get their 02 sats above 90, say to 94, i will see refill and then more fluid is available to pull. I wish i had 02 and a crit line for every pt! RNintherain, we were inserviced on them when we aquired them and even got CEUs.
  10. nursefiggy

    New question... is anyone else frustrated by this?

    I'm with you! Some of our NH pts were getting milk of magnesia and mylanta. (Yikes!) Another big problem is they don't remove their gressings between txs. I have had them to come back after the weekend with skin breakdown around the access due to the tape that was left on and clottede graphs! The smell when you take the bandages off can be terrible! I check their MARs agianst our computers for med changes and there is always something like "check dialysis access for thrill and bruit", it is always signed but the dressing is in place. So frustrating! So i am writing up a some orders and will get the docs to sign it and am faxing it to the NHs. It will say soemthing to the effect of remove dressing with PM meds. We also have pts with Ks of 6 and 7.
  11. nursefiggy

    Freaking out just a little!

    It's one of the hazards of our profession. Earlier this year I was exposed to disseminated varicella. Scared me to death because i've never had chicken pox. My titer showed me to have antibodies, though. I've also had a needle stick from a Hep C pos pt. I work in dialysis and have ALOT of Hep C pts and ther are ALOT of needles. Everything turned out ok. I am even MORE cautious now than I have ever been.
  12. nursefiggy

    What If I Had Gastic Bypass?

    NicUGal, "Figgynurse..is your DH dumping? That is what happens to the one girl I work with and she has the exact same symptoms." It soes sound like dumping, doesn't it? But it can happen any time, not just after a meal of sweets. It wakes him up in the middleof the night or it can happen when he hasn't eaten. And no diarrhea with it. He has dumped plenty and he says it's different. Drs are treating him for anxiety but i know it is a physical problem and r/t the surgery.
  13. nursefiggy

    middle TN

    Which drs do you work with? Our regulars are Lewis,Schullman, Golper and Ikizler. We also have any number of renal fellows at our disposal.
  14. nursefiggy

    I've Had It! Nursing is NOT what it use to be!

    If you are burned out then switch jobs! There are amillin of them out there begging for you! Find a different specialty. I used to be in LTC. When I left on maternity leaved I couldn't MAKE myself go back,. There was so much dread.....I coudn't stand the complaining of families, low woeking morale and being short staffed. So I got a new job at a dialysis clinic and I love it! My pts love me and appreciate me and tel me everyday. I am close with them and their families and they trust and repect me. It was the best move I ever made and I make more money! So ry something else! Find a new niche but don't give up! Nursing isn't just a job; it's a ministry!
  15. nursefiggy

    What If I Had Gastic Bypass?

    try obesityhelp.com for tons of info and a message board
  16. nursefiggy

    What If I Had Gastic Bypass?

    I considered the surgery as well. My insurance wouldn't pay. Now I am happy I didn't have it! I am having great success on Atkins. My husband,father, mother, and two sisters have all had the surgery. My husband is still 20lbs overweight and food gets hung in his esophogus all the time. It is very painful when this happens. He also has a terrible problem with gas. It can be quite embarrassing. His BMs are different also. He is so embarrasses if he has to use the bathroom out because of the overpowering foul smell that will permeate the building. Alos, he has to take B12 shots as well as a multivitamin and Calcium with vitamin D. He has other problems such as these strage "attacks" that we can't find the reason for. He will become very shaky, sweaty and his heart will race and he will become very weak. It is not hypoglycemia or a heart problem. So you should definately do your research and talk to some people that have had this surgery for at least 2 yrs. There are permanent changes that you have to be prepared to deal with. All in all, my husband said he would do it again in a minute. My two sisters are still 100lbs overweight.