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We spend a lot of time complaining about our jobs many times. I would like to spend some time talking about things that we do like about our jobs.

I'll start, I love ER, I love the patient care, I love to get someone stablilized and then admitted, I love comforting people who have been hurt. But I love to defibrillate!!!:D

oh man what a nice thread..... Can i add sumpthin toooo?:D

I love the Nurses I work with... They know that Im a student and willing to learn everything they are willing to teach, so they take me under their experienced wings and show me the way!!!!

I love Nurses!! Ya know , I dont care if you are a grumpy nurse, lol......I love ya too:D



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keep em comin!!


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I wanted to add something too after just commenting about the poor person that had such a tough night in the ER with her child.

I am just not sure what to even answer - I love the people - both patients and personnel. I really love taking care of kids!! It is the best place to also be a kid and I really love to play!! I love that I can go to work and learn every single day and I have been doing it for 17 years. I love the autonomy and the relationships that I have developed with other medical professionals.

I love taking care of trauma patients best, however. I guess they are my true love!! I love the complexity of all of the systems working together (or not) and figuring out how best to fix the patient with multiple injuries.

Keep those thoughts coming!!!


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Well I love that I am about to start a new job in the speciality that I have wanted to work in for a long time. Hospice

With my old job I loved the MIRACLE patients that got well and shouldn't have. I loved the folks I worked with. We were like family. Yes every family has its problems and dysfunctions but when you are family you are loved.

I loved when really sick people got well. I loved when I was able to help someone though tough times tough decisions and through the compeletion of thier life in a mannor that they wanted.

I loved when I made someone's day a little better. I loved stopping off at the hospital chapel for a little meditation time.


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I love the fact that I can touch so many lives in a positive way, and give back to my fellow people of the world


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I work in LTC and I love it when a confused little old lady will give me a hug and say I love you. Of course the next minute she may slap ya, but its those hugs and smiles that win my heart every time!!


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Ok this may sound kinda weird but my favorite nursing thing to do is give a back rub. Fortunately both of the places i have worked have allowed me the occassional oppertunity to give comfort care. I remember being in the hosp when I was young and I especially remember this one nurse inparticular who every night when she did my HS care she included a back rub with lotion. Nothing in the world has ever felt so good as those back rubs did after an intire day in bed. I feel that nursing has lost alot of the personal touch and I am very happy when I get the oppertunity to provide it.


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I enjoy everything about nursing alot already mentioned above that does not mean I do not have difficult times that present a challenge me. I suppose most of all I enjoy helping people to where they want to be. The Miracle Clients certainly give me a buzz seeing their strength and motivation moving from a position of great difficulty to a position where they can make choices and choose directions. Oh well enough waffle. I will finish by saying what a great thread. Thank you.


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I enjoy the variety I encounter each and every day that I work. Although they are there to see me for the same reason, diabetes, their background and other history facets entice me into providing specialized instruction for each and every one. It is the challenge to touch that special person in front of me that motivates me to continue on.

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I have always enjoyed nursing and alwasy will. The only better job I had was as a manager of a topless establishment, and when I got married my wife didnt like me working there for some reason. GO FIGURE


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I love it when a patient is truly interested in what's going on with them, and what they can do to help themselves get better after they get discharged. You know, the ones who actually listen to your patient teaching. When I worked days, I also loved walking the students through procedures. They just showed an avid interest in what they were doing, and had that "I did it!" look on their faces when they were done. I really miss the student nurses!

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