What do you hate about your Nursing School?


I need to vent. I hate, hate, hate my nursing school. The instructors openly admit that they try to weed people out, they're impatient with you if you're not already a tech, they're racists, and seem to hate their job. I have had an awful experience, so much so that I don't want to go to my own pinning. Anybody else feel this way?:angryfire

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I can honestly say I don't HATE my nursing school... But there are some things I dislike about it, such as redundant classes, middle-school type behavior from some of my classmates, etc. etc.

Overall, our faculty is very supportive of the students, at least the ones that make the effort...




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I used to love it. I hate that the entire staff has changed. I hate that I have had to teach myself for the last two quarters. It's great that I'm going to pass and be a nurse but I should have to work for it, not just get open note and take home tests because there haven't been any lectures. I hate being lied to, both by the original staff and the current staff about what the heck is going on with this program.

I like clinicals and most of my classmates.


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So far, I've enjoyed my NS. Our instructors don't seem to put a whole lot of emphasis on the silly stuff (like mitered corners).

Sometimes, it seems like our schedule shifts around a lot, but I guess that can't be helped.

Also, the instructors really seem to want to be there even though they could make more $ at the hospital, so that's nice.

No matter how horrible/wonderful it was though, I would never want to go to the pinning ceremony. I only do what I'm required to do. No one is going to get my time for free. I have a family I'd rather be at home with!


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I love my online nursing college so far. The professors are great and they try to help in every way. It is very expensive and so I cannot afford to hate it. I try to do what the professor say in order to be successful.


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I remember the first day in nursing school, how excited I was!! That was so long ago though...now I can't wait to get out. What I really dislike about my school is the fact that my class will be graduating in May and no one cares about it. Yes we are stressed out but one could take a second to vote for the banner, class colors...ect. Everyone complains and whines...yes nursing school is hard, but that is what makes the profession worth it! Some of my fellow students just want to hop on the ride and become RN just like that, the easy way...that makes me mad! And the teachers, they don't care about you, they only do what they feel like teaching and don't care about the consequences on the students...look at that, I am whining too now :p


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Hmm...I'm only a second semester freshman and don't start clinicals until fall term of next year, but there are some things I really dislike. For one, I hate having to take Sociology/Psychology/Foreign Culture to become "well rounded". First of all, the professors for these classes SUCKED and I had to simply memorize the powerpoint slides that they read off of word for word. I learned nothing in these classes, despite getting A's, and hardly consider them making me more well rounded. That was last semester. This semester I am taking a ridiculously stupid Intro to nursing class. There is no point of going. All we do is give our opinions, and if we don't agree with our professors opinions on the tests we fail. Once agian, learned nothing. Last and by far not least, I HATE HATE HATE HATE my Micro class. It's not the class itself, but again the professor. He simply reads off the slides word for word and explains nothing. Once again, its a memorize the slides/forget the day after the test kind of class. I don't even want to talk about my Informatics class...

On a more positive note, I love my AnP 2 class and cannot WAIT to start clinicals. I think next semester will be better because the classes will actually start to mean something. I will be learning things that will actually pertain to my job. I go to a huge university, and I would expect stricter standards on the professors they hire and the manner in which they teach :nono:.....I make straight A's so I am not using these complaints as excuses for bad grades, they are just truly bad professors/worthless classes:uhoh3:


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I hate that they think the students are mind readers and should be able to know what they want from us without us being told. I also hate that they are trying to CRAM a full semester of peds & OB into 8 weeks.

My list grows on a daily basis. Ask me again next week and I'll probably have a few more things for you! :bugeyes:


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i hate that my pharmacology tests come from textbook A, while we have textbook B. there is no lecture, there is "this is what you need to know for the test." what about what we to know for the N-CLEX?

i strongly dislike that there is no rhyme or reason for scheduling clinicals. "You go Here next Saturday." two days later... "actually, no, go HERE instead." ... "Wait, wait, go HERE instead."


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I also dislike that our school has no Saturday contract with hospitals for our Peds/OB rotations. So, when it comes time for those, we may have to do VIRTUAL SIMULATIONS on the computer instead of the real stuff. (pray that they get a site for us!)


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I have a squeaky chair that I hate- every time I move it squeaks real loud. Makes me feel like a fat butt in that chair.

Once I came to terms with the fact that yes I will have to teach myself everything and yes I have to be hyper organized -things got better.


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I don't hate my nursing school either. I really like all of the instructors I have this 8 weeks (I have 4).

There's a couple of things that bother me about this school.

We had to buy 2 books that we aren't even USING this 8 weeks. We will eventually use them, but it would have been nice to know that we didn't need them for THIS class.

And the scheduling. It just makes me mad :angryfire The whole thing about not having a clue when we'll have clinical until a few weeks before it happens is annoying, but I can deal with it. We just don't schedule anything major for the family on the days we have it. And- if I have a night clinical, my kids are showing me just how mature they CAN be, I think they might be able to handle making dinner and getting ready for bed if my husband and I weren't home.

What bothers me though is the scheduling for our next class. The class schedule online says 1 thing. But it's been changed a whole bunch of times. So one of the people in my class emailed the teacher for the next class to get some sort of an idea when we might have it. Our lecture is the same time as it says on the master schedule. But our lab time, the one that has now been changed 3 TIMES is now a night class.:angryfire It was a night class, changed to a day class, and now it's a night class again. More than half the people in our class have little kids- and trying to find someone who'll do daycare until 8:30-9pm at night can be difficult!

Again, I have older kids, and the night schedule might actually work better for me during their spring break, since they won't be home all day by themselves, my husband should be home 3 or so hours after I leave.

Part of the reason I picked this school is that they said both day AND night classes would be avaliable. Not just one or the other. I realize they have space issues, AND instructor issues (not enough of either). But letting us know that the class time has been changed, again- 2 WEEKS before it's supposed to start is just annoying!

Thank you for listening.

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