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Wait till you graduate! Then the fun really begins. I was a wound care nurse for about a year. When I'm assessing you, I gotta see everything and I do mean everything!

Had a wonderful gentleman in his 70's, looked to be in his early 50's. I do my assessment and he says "Now that you know what you would be getting, I think you are a handsome woman. How about dinner?"

Uhhhh, one of the few times I have ever been speechless.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Nursing!!!!

Would have answered "Sure, but I'll have to see what night the husband and kids are free."

I had the older set sometimes come on to me - they were just lonely - so I made sure they understood that 'my husband wouldn't approve.'

Only a couple of times did I ever have them get really blatant about it - one guy was some 'hot-shot' businessman. He disgusted me, and I got in his face about sexual harrassement, and that shut his mouth right there.

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it works both ways you know...I get the "you have a girlfriend?" question a lot when I'm in my scrubs.....at work....and talking to the 84 yo confused patient who thinks she's back in Kansas right at the moment.....

I generally don't go out in my scrubs, but the one night I HAD to get a beer on the way home, popped in...was wearing chili pepper scrubs...so the bartender looks at me a while...then asks "on your way home from work? (yeah.).....what resturant do you work at?" LOL...nearly lost my beer! Had to explain I was a CNA....;)

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Well, since I don't think I'll see him again, I'll take it as he was just flirting.

Not to mention, while he was saying it, he was "undressing me with his eyeballs".

I don't know what the fasnication with scrubs are to some men, because it seems like I get "hit on" the most when I'm out and about wearing them after work or clinicals.

I'm just gonna take it as harmless flirting and leave it alone LOL!

Thanks y'all!

My impression is that his comments have nothing to do with scrubs and everything to do with YOU. :D

He was flirting with YOU. And would have regardless of what you were wearing.




Did you reply, Ummm, really, not much there, do you have any money?:lol2::rolleyes:


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Actually scrubs on a nurse is very alluring. It is one of those things like flip-flops can be sexier than high heels. The charm of simple yet confident, I guess.

That said the comment about what lies underneath coming from a casual acquaintance is plain uncouth. JMHO.

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