What is good score for Saunders NCLEX tests???


My NCLEX is Thursday:) I have taken the Saunders test, but I do not know what is a good score.

I got an 81%. Any other ideas on how to get more practice questions online?? I have a Mosby's book full of Q&A How is that?



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I would have to say that this is a pretty good score. I scored around the 72-75 area and I passed the nclex last week. So you got a pretty good chance! Just make sure you know prioritization and infection control because I got a lot of those questions. Good Luck you can do it!

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At this point you need to relax and go into the test with a positive attitude. Good luck.

what about 60-75% scores in saunders? that's what i've been getting for more than a month now and my exam is tomorrow already. I hope I pass, no matter how many the questions are


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You all are going to pass the NCLEX...the important thing is that yo read the rationales and understand why you got the incorrect answers. Have faith, you will do great. Do not go into the exam feeling anxious, it will do you no good! Relax, take some deep breaths and start your day well.