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  1. FNP student seeking preceptor

    I am an FNP student in Syracuse, NY. I am having a pretty hard time trying to find a preceptor. I have called several people, left several messages, but no reply! I am going to a Nurse Practitioner Association meeting next week in attempt to network ...
  2. My NCLEX is Thursday:) I have taken the Saunders test, but I do not know what is a good score. I got an 81%. Any other ideas on how to get more practice questions online?? I have a Mosby's book full of Q&A How is that? Thanks:)
  3. Accept a job in Lander?

    I am hoping someone here knows any inside scoop on Lander Regional Hospital. I am going there for an interview and I would like to know about the hospital. If anyone has worked there, what it is like, etc. Any info would be appreciated!!
  4. range in tampa, fl

    My mother has been a nurse for over 15 years and she has said that St. Joe's has been the BEST hospital she has ever worked for. The way they are with their employees and they actually CARE abuot their employees there. Just some food for thought.:)
  5. What field of nursing are ya'll interested in?

    I like ER too, so far I want trauma nursing- I live in Tampa too- any info about Tampa General?
  6. What field of nursing are ya'll interested in?

    WOW--you have the exact same goals that I do. I was looking into flight nurse as well. Def want trauma for a couple of years, then NP. The excitement is amazing there! So does this mean it is confirmed I do have ADHD:)
  7. OMG I'm getting married

    My grandparents met and married in 10 days and they were together for over 50 years! As far as planning a wedding while in school IT SUX! I am planning one now and am getting married in 1 month! I cannot concentrate on school and it takes everythi...
  8. Anticipation of clinicals...

    I can't wait to start clinicals either. I start in April. I am only a little nervous about the curriculum.
  9. range in tampa, fl

    Any advice about trauma nursing? That is what I want to do when I graduate.
  10. Accreditation Issues!

    I do not know if I can report the school, but I looked it up online and apparently they have SEVERAL lawsuits against them for falsifying info given to students about credits transferring, etc. Pretty crazy?!?
  11. Has anyone heard of Galen health institute???

    I got accepted there and was unable to attend because of money, I reapplied and they sent me a letter saying I was never allowed to go there!! I thought that was pretty harsh. Anyway you can go and look for accreditation, or the f...
  12. range in tampa, fl

    I moved from NY to Tampa and it is so hot here!!! OMG- I am LEAVING FL the frst chance I get when I get out of school. It is a great place to vacation, but it SUX to live here--sorry to tell you that:(
  13. Can a NS tell you they're nationally accredited

    That is a great question. I recently got accepted into a NS and had to decline my acceptance because of that reason and start reapplying everywhere all over again! MAKE SURE THEY ARE REGIONALLY ACCREDITED, NLN OR CCNE. A good website is called col...
  14. future nurse student needs NET help

    Don't worry there is no trig on the test, but there is plenty of college algebra
  15. Accreditation Issues!

    So I was accepted into Everest University- otherwise known as FMU in 12/07. I was very excited only to find out from another school that they were not accredited and none of their credits would transfer if you wanted to go on for your BSN. I resear...