What are some good nursing schools in Atlanta/Jacksonville, Fl or nearby areas? ADN

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Hello Everyone!

I am about to pull my hair out. Just found out that we do not have enough teachers so therefore cannot get into the nursing program until next August 2003. I was suppose January 2003. Looks like we are going to have to relocate at the end of Fall semester 2002 in order for me to get into a nursing program somewhere in January 2003. Talking about stressed out!!!! I am screaming. My husband said everything is going to be okay but I am just sick, because I was not expecting this all of a sudden. Oh well, I have been surfing the web and trying to find a school but the tutition is outrageous. For out-of-state residents. I have been looking for schools in my state but we really wanted to move where there are a lot of job opportunities. I am originally from Texas so I am not familiar with too many places down south. If you all were in my shoes what would you do?

Thanks Everyone For Letting Me Vent!

Shunda :confused:


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Breathe baby! You will be fine. If I know ONE thing in this world it is that you CAN'T plan for things to be perfect. They RARELY turn out like you planned on them to.

It has been a few years since we lived in Jax. (we left in 1996), but there is an ADN program at Florida Community College At Jacksonville. Here's the nursing dept # (904) 766-6581. {I also have the address if you need it.}

There are also a couple of BSN programs there and I can give you that info if you want it.

I have collected information regarding nursing programs for the last 10 years and I just happened to have the info on some of the colleges. Send me a PM if I can help you any further.

Take care and GOOD LUCK!:)


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Try Emory University in Atlanta (Decatur), Medical College of GA in Augusta, Brenau College (Athens), Athens Technical College in Athens.

The lack of instructors is a problem everywhere.


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Thank you guys for responding to my question. I am using all the resources that are available to me. I am researching like crazy. It is now I guess just deciding where I want me and my family to live for the next year and a half. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Shunda Harris:D :D :cool:


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Check out Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. They hava a number of programs

Have you check with the University of South Alabama? They have a number of programs as well...UAB, UAH, Univ. of Alabama?

All the best to you!



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I'm at Kennesaw State University just north of Atlanta.

It's GREAT!!!

There is also Georgia Perimeter College and Floyd College around here.



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shunda, where in alabma are you? are you looking for adn or bsn schools? keep the faith!


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I am in the Dothan area. I am looking for a BSN program. My inlaws live in Mobile and I could go to school there but the job market is not all that great. It would not be worth my husband and children packing up and leaving for a year. My inlaws said that I am welcomed to come and stay there but I really do not want to leave my family behind for a year and a half. Maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe if my boys were bigger but right now they are small ages 9,6, and 4. They really need me around. There is Chipola in Marianna, Florida I have applyed there and Bishop State in Mobile and I am looking a Flordia Community College. I do not know. I am even looking into Emory but like I said the out-of-state tutition will kill a person.

Shunda:confused: :confused:


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I meant to say I am looking for a ADN program. I am ready to get to work and eventually I will go back and work on my BSN.


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shunda, there are some good schools in alabama if you would like to relocate to another city. i would suggest you do a search for all adn (community colleges in alabama) program. the one i am at only admits in the fall and spring. the spring semester is only for lpn-rn. if i can be of any assistance, please feel free to email or pm me. i assume you mean finding a place to live that has a good job market for your husband? all the best to you and yours.


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by the way, i am in birmingham.

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