What gear/utensils/supplies do you carry in your scrubs


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What materials, items, supplies do you carry in you pockets? Obviously you would want a stethoscope with you but what else do you carry or have on hand? What would you recommend to have on one self?

do you have enough pockets to carry all your goodies?

im starting a new job and want to feel prepared. Thank you

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There are many threads on this topic that you might find of assistance. To get you started: I carry bandage scissors, a penlight, lots of pens (LOTS), flushes, alcohol wipes, and so on. Whatever you think you might need in a moment's notice...stuff it in your pocket.

A nurse never has enough pockets.

Best wishes with the new job.


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Hemostats, bandage scissors, pen x 2, permanent marker, cell phone for setting alarms.

We have flushes and alcohol wipes in every room.


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Steth, ID card, pens... flashlight, EMT shears, pocket change for coffee, notepad, ACLS cards, alc wipes, scissors hemostat, phone, Leatherman multitool. To clarify, I'm a guy and I wear 5.11 tacticals with a belt in the Emerg. I like to have tools handy, and when you need it, you need it NOW.


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I work on Labor and Delivery now and I do not carry nearly as much stuff as when I was on Ortho/Bariatrics/Med-surg. When I was there, I carried pens, dry-erase marker, Kelly clamps, bandage scissors, pen light, stethoscope, saline flushed, alcohol wipes, portable phone, and a pager. Being on Labor and Delivery, I travel a little lighter, with alcohol wipes, pens, marker, and my portable phone, everything else is in the room.

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I'm a clinic nurse, no need to carry a stethoscope as we have litmanns in every room. In my pockets I have sticky notes, lip balm, a red pen, dilating drops, tetracaine and cell phone. My regular pen is always clipped to the neckline of my scrub top

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I carry my steth, pens (including a "loaner pen" that I dont mind losing if someone borrows it), penlight and extra set of batteries, bandage scissors, alch wipes, chapstick, a flush or two, medical tape, calculator, notepad, a small tin of altoids or pack of gum..Right now these all fit well with my current scrubs, but I also just bought a fanny pack to consolidate this stuff.


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My right pocket has all my pens - a multicolor ink pen, a sharpie, a whiteboard marker - penlight, scissors, and a carpuject (helps with some of our injectables). My other pocket has alcohol wipes, swab caps, luer lock caps, and bandaids - all from our med supply room. I also usually have a few saline flushes, a roll of tape, some lip balm, and an extra rubber band for my hair. I'm going to start carrying the extra supplies in a bag and keep it at the nurses' station so I'm not carrying everything all the time.


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I know this is an older post, but I wanted to add that I have one of those nylon pocket protector things in which I keep my pens, scissors, penlight, hemostats, alcohol pads, Sharpie and dry erase marker, and it's proved invaluable. In addition to making it easy to empty my pocket and not lose that stuff between shifts, ink ruins white scrubs (and I'm not huge on fashion, but ink-stained pockets on white scrubs is not a cute look) and it's too easy to not click a pen closed before putting in in your pocket. In my other top pocket I carry my watch on a lanyard. In my pants pockets I keep my own stuff -- a tissue, lip balm, gum, and a few dollars for lunch. In my cargo leg pocket I keep my phone; my hope is that it's low and lateral enough that it's out of harm's way.