What field of nursing would you NEVER consider working?

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My wosrt place to work would have to be on the Medical Floors. I worked on a med. surg floor as a student and hated it!! To many patients not enough help YUCK!!!!!!!! I love my position in the NICU I have been a R.N. in there for 3 years and would never do adult nursing.:):p


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Med surg in general is not for me, but my most hated area is psych. There is not enough money in the world to get me on a psych unit.... Ick, ick, ick

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I would have to say pediatric oncology like one of the other posters but I have worked in an adult oncology office with no problems and actually loved my job there, but terminally ill children would just break my heart:o Also I am not too sure about psych but you never know....:p

I could never do anything with oncology since my mother passed away from breast cancer. I think it takes an extrmemly gifted person to be able to see that kind of thing every day and go home and remain sane. I couldn't do nursing home care because it makes me too sad. And I don't think I could do PICU. My best friend works in one, and she is always telling me about all the rare syndromes and seriously ill kiddos she gets and how the parents have developed some serious psychological problems because of how sick their child is. I just don't think I could handle that. I'll take a 24 week micro preemie on HFV ANY day over any of that!:D

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Definitely corrections. I'd be scared spitless......and besides, I'm the world's worst claustrophobic. I once went on a tour of the local jail (NO, not as a "guest" of the county---I was in a citizen's police academy class) and I could hardly BREATHE during the two hours I was in there. Nope, I could never do corrections nursing, no way, nohow!:eek:


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If you want to deal with employees threats and scams daily and the big bureaucracy this might be right job for you. I did this for thirteen years in a manufacturing enviroment (made very good money) but the best thing I ever did for myself was quit. I now feel like a nurse again!


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I think I will avoid LTC! I had the chance to work at to different facilaties during my CNA clinicals and as much as I I loved my patients its just not a place I want to go back to! I think that I want to go towards pediatrics, but we will see once I have to do my clinicals!


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I would never ever in this lifetime work psych. Med surg comes in a big second place at least until those patient ratios improve.

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Well, when I graduated from nursing school (some....ummm...16 years ago) I KNEW I would never work:

#1--psych. why? well our short psych rotation was overcome with depressed patients, and I found it too depressing. As another poster stated--I never got to see them get better because our time there was too short.

#2--orthopedics. Why? My ortho instructor was a twit--she had her doctorate, but she was a twit. Pure academia, never worked the bedside in her life....enough said

Since graduating and out working, only one area I would avoid--

OB--why? I had my 4 kids, and that was enough for me! ;)

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No psych... have seen too many nurses burn out and become apathetic there, lumping patients, losing caring and compassion...then there's also too many patients "working the system"and I have no patience for such when there are ppl who truly want and need help... so one leads to the other, I suppose.

No respiratory... give me blood and guts, puke and doodoo, but cannot handle those wet, gurgley breaths... makes me wanna shout "will you please COUGH already!!!?" :imbar Not nice, I know, but wet gurgle-breaths just make me want to gag. (you said to be honest here...;) )

OR... can't handle gowns and masks all day, either, nor standing in one place like a wooden soldier... wouldn't care for the "twilightzone" effect either as previously mentioned. As the surgeon, however, I would love it.

Burn again for the gowns, etc. Other than that it wouldn't bother me.

LTC merely because I've seen too many crappy ones (staffwise) and I'd probably lose it if I saw a patient mistreated or neglected.

(for all those who work LTC and love your patients, you are heavensent and I have tremendous respect and admiration for you!)

Guess that's about it for my list. :)

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I too am not interested in corrections. Just not at all.

Pediatric ICU- been there, done that, wouldn't do it again; too difficult emotionally. It messed with my mind too much.

Burns: been there done that too, also emotionally difficult.

Other things I could do if I had to but I'm not really interested right now: ER, ICU. OR I've done, don't like it; OB I've done a very little, don't like it either. Both OR and OB make me anxious; a c-section gives me an anxiety attack.

I love the FNP role. I'm currently in occupational medicine/management, like the occ med part. I've done and enjoyed telephone triage and epilepsy. Give me a good bed-shaking seizure any day!


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OR... can't handle gowns and masks all day, either, nor standing in one place like a wooden soldier... wouldn't care for the "twilightzone" effect either as previously mentioned. As the surgeon, however, I would love it.

Ha! I just started work in the OR and trust me there is no standing in one place like a wooden soldier, not even as a scrub nurse. As a circulating nurse though, you don't wear a gown, just a mask and you are runnin garound like crazy sometimes. The OR is a place for quick action adn critical thinking skills.


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