What field of nursing would you NEVER consider working?

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Absolutely cannot handle Peds. And Home Health doesn't appeal to me either. I don't think I'd like to go to people's homes...

On the other hand, what I would love to try, if I had a chance is OR, ED and ICU and also Corrections.


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[color=gray]"if you want to deal with employees threats and scams daily and the big bureaucracy this might be right job for you. i did this for thirteen years in a manufacturing enviroment (made very good money) but the best thing i ever did for myself was quit. i now feel like a nurse again!"

monicarose, i couldn't agree more. i am currently working in occupational health. taking care of worker's compensation patients is frustrating. it is amazing what some patients present with - from a simple abrasion, maybe 5mm in length, to a serious anterior hand laceration with a circular saw requiring referral to a hand surgeon. the patient with the abrasion is so traumatized, that he thinks he needs to go home to recuperate. while, when the later patient presents, the patient's employer expects for the injury to be managed by an outpatient clinic without the necessary tools, supplies, or expertise to do so. not to mention, the employer expects for the worker to return to work the next work day. and yes, occupational health is plagued by employees seeking time off, compensation, and/or disability. i care for some of the same people over and over again for different complaints. however, despite their frequency to the clinic, you must take their complaints seriously, because maybe this time they are not "crying wolf." working in occupational health, you have to satisfy the employee, employer, and insurance company, not to mention your own employer. i am working to satisfy everyone, but myself.

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