What is your favorite part of being a nurse?

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I have a couple of questions for you all...

What is your favorite part of being a nurse?

What is or has been your favorite department to work in and why?

Thank you for your input. I look forward to reading your responses.

Have a great day!;)


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Comming in and having a huge problem that takes all shift to resolve. Then turning over my patients to the next shift with the knowledge that their shift will go well because I resolved the problem once and for all at the 11th hour.

It is amazing how you can spend your entire shift fighting to lower a raging fever, or lower an out of control and climbing BP then about and hour before your shift ends it all resolves. I leave with such a feeling of satisfaction. :)


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My favorite part of being a nurse is how diverse this field can be. There are SO many different avenues you can take in your entire nursing career - what other profession can do that?

When I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fresh out of nursing school, I was ready to conquer the WORLD. How true a statement that is - you can literally go anywhere in the world and personify your profession!

In all, I love the patients. I love being able to converse with physicans and therapists and KNOW what the hell I'm talking about - WHY? Because I'm damn good and LOVE what I do. :D

What it all boils down to is enjoying, embracing, loving, healing, and caring for others. :kiss


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What I really like is, being able to go into a patient's room, knowing exactly how to fix their current problem, and giving them immediate relief.

They always thank me like I'm some kinda genius, when all I may've done was straighten a wrinkled bedpad.... :chuckle :roll


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I love ER. The things I love most: Constantly learning new things, bonding with coworkers, helping people - especially the elderly who are generally so greatful to have a helping hand and kind words. I love challenging myself, believing in myself and my coworkers that there is no situation we cannot handle. I love the human connection we all share. I love it when I can find compassion for even the most vile person. Sometimes that is the hardest challenge, but it can be the most rewarding.


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Great, uplifting thread :)


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Working in the ER, I love how each diagnosis presents itself so differently. We get to learn something new everyday. I don't I have ever said "I am so bored" while I was at work. Keeps you on your toes!


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The "fire-side" chats with the patients. Had some great discussions about many interesting topics with some very wonderful people.

Teaching. Enjoy explaining/demonstrating things to people and knowing that they've understood what was just taught them.

Basically, the human interaction and compassion that's normally found in our profession.

This is a great thread.



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What do I like best? My favorite specialty is labor and delivery, and the best part is when the miracle of birth occurs. I always feel it a special priviledge to be there and I feel that there is a Higher Power smiling on all in attendance. I also like geriatrics. Yes, I like 'em coming and going. I feel a special priviledge to be there when a dear person takes that last breath and goes on to the Great Beyond. I feel there is a Higher Power smiling on all in attendance. And in between these best parts, are all the times that I can do something for a patient that makes it "all better", and I get a smile, a thanks, a squeeze of the hand or, best of all, a hug. Families are also nice to relate to (most of the time) and it is rewarding when they are glad that I am the nurse on that shift. I also like the interaction with the staff, nurses, aides, dietariy, lab,. housekeeping, doctors, administration, etc. :) You know what just dawned on me? What I like best about being a nurse is being a nurse!!!!;) :) :chuckle


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my favorite part of being a nurse?

the paycheck!

its the only reason i stay in nursing!


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Going home knowing I've done my best.

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hehe...definitely going home. ;)

I like trying to figure out someone's Dx based on what they c/o when they come to the ER...try to anticipate what tests are going to be done. Also like fixing people's problems, and seeing improvement immediately - instant gratification. ;) It's like a puzzle...

Like being in the room with the doc, and re-explaining in English what he just said to the pt once he leaves the room. ;)

Like the feel of a 18 g IV sliding into a nice fat AC vein...

Too tired to think of any more now :)

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