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Hello~ i just took the boards on wednesday and found out that i did not pass. I had 77 questions and i guess i totally blew it. It was so hard and I felt like i was guessing alot. I did take kaplan and felt that i learned a lot but i didn;t pass so i dunno. Im thinking of doing the 1-1 tutor with my kaplan instructor because i feel like it will help. Has anyone tried that before? And does anyone have any advice on how to study for my second test? I really need to pass for me..because my confidence is down to the ground right now. I studied so hard..and i cried so much that i can't cry anymore. Help me please...:crying2:


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I am sorry to hear that you did not pass the first time. I know you can pass the second time, try to change some strategies. I did the following to help me pass:

Did 100 to 150 questions a day

Reviewed all rationales (right and wrong answers)

Review contents in weakest areas

I did Kaplan review/ did nclex 4000, prentice hall (maybe 500 questions)

I did Leaningext.com (was similar to the nclex in my opinion). I paid $49 for 3 weeks.

I think what helped me the most, was the fact, I stayed at a hotel the night before the exam, exercised, went to a sauna and kept telling myself, that I will be an RN.

Some of my friends did exam cram and had success.


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wow~ thank you for the advice! maybe i should try learningext.com too! Ill be sure to check it out. It only helps to be positive right?! :icon_roll


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Also sorry to hear that you didn't pass. Give yourself two or three days to feel awful, then make up a plan to tackle it again. Decide how you are going to go about it and get started. Rest assured that if you don't give up you will be successful. Good luck.

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I am sorry to hear you did not pass NCLEX. I know several people how had success with NCSBN question bank.


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i know what you're going through. i found out a week ago i didnt pass and it felt like my world came crashing down. my self esteem was non existent. i tried telling myself things happen for a reason, life goes on, things are going to be ok, etc etc it didn't really help. but it wasn't until yesterday so like 5 days after i found out that i woke up actually feeling more like my normal self and over the past few days i have been more emotionally stable and am starting to have a better outlook about taking it again. so what i would say is try to just let all your emotions go, it's normal, it's a very stressful test not even taking into account all the pressure we all taking the test. but it is what it is and once you are able to get over it you will soon have a better outlook and when you start studying youll recognize areas you were weaker in.

but i know things are going to be ok! it is hard, im in your same position and lost my job that was waiting for me which was another blow. but life hasn't stopped. and now im slowly getting back into studying and going in with a fresh attitude rather than being upset that i failed.

i dont know if that helps you. but there is light at the end of the tunnel, things will get better. hang in there and you can do it!

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Definitely give yourself a break before you start to study again. I would also say give yourself protected study time and tell people not to disturb you, give you time to study properly. Also as said in post 1 review the rationales

Good luck


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I am sorry that you did not pass. I did lots of questions two weeks prior to class. Gave up TV, Family and everything. I must have been doing 300 questions a day. About 100 in the am, 100 afternoon and 100 evening. Reading each rational.

I got 110 questions Wednesday and passed. My q bank scores were always low 60s and I was scared to death. Now you know what the test is like and it might help for the one on one.

Best of luck to you..*hugs*


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aw~ thank you guys sooo much for the advice! its been 3 days now and i guess i do feel a little bit better but still down. nrcolee6 i also am about to loose my job too..i have to call them monday. i'm so upset. My second time i will pass. i plan to do one-one tutor with my kaplan teacher and Im interested in the NCSBN! Im gonna take a week off and slowly start studing again. Thank you so much everyone..i woudn;t be able to get back on my feet without this support!!

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