What is the dress code for nurses?


I am thinking of applying for jobs at DD facilities. I was curious as to what the nurses wear in group homes and other DD facilities.



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The group home I'm working in, you can wear regular clothes as long as you don't have cleavage or you bellybutton showing, closed toe shoes with backs...the normal. Or you can wear scrubs, it's up to you.

I'm not sure that they're all that way though.



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Regular clothes if your are in the houses; the nurses at the programs where scrubs.

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Jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops for me over here in California. I wear scrubs and danskos when I'm going on appointments because I've run over my toe too many times with wheelchairs and once dropped the lift on my foot. Lol


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Casual. Your in a home environment. I wore flip flops til a resident ran over my toe with his electric wheelchair.

I miss those guys.....it was a fun job.

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Here's what you don't wear (and these are examples I have seen with my own eyes)--

*Navy blue panties covered with a pattern of red hearts, under white uniform pants.

*Hip-hugger pants that, when you bend over, show your crack and upper buttocks.

*Bell-bottom-pants that drag the ground behind your heels and get tattered and dirty looking.

*Hair that looks like you have been out in a 75 mph wind, and/or, is obviously unwashed.

*Shoes that are dirty and appear to have been chewed on by a puppy.

* If you are female, know that only a very few can go bra-less without immediate attention zoom-focused on the chesticle area.

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I know this question was asked last year, but most of the IDD/MHMR group home environments I've been in entailed casual street clothes for staff, including nurses.



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Today I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sandals. VERY casual. Sometimes clothes get spit on, stained, torn. My clients all have severe psychiatric needs as well. I would NEVER wear heels. Did that once, had to run across a street to another building for an emergency. Never again.



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Here in Wash DC, we wear scrubs. :)