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My dream nursing career would be to work at a college/university working in the student clinic while also health promoting to the peers at the school...while working to do that I would love to work as a school nurse while goin to school for my masters to become a family np :D honestly I would love to have my own office and desk promoting health from all the experiences I hope to have while in nursing school and working as a nurse...so all these careers have all of what I dream of doing with a nursing degree...good luck to all of you chasing your dream nursing job

My dream nursing career is to graduate! Haha. But Seriously, after graduating I would like to become an emergency medicine nurse practitioner and work in the ER/Trauma. Probably work full time at the local level one trauma center, and possibly teach at the university part time. If I could get my fiancé on board I would like to do travel nursing as well, and possibly go to Australia:)

My dream nursing career is to graduate!
LOL. Mine also. I will probably only get my BSN and I plan to work in LTC. Being a veteran I would like to work in a veteran's hospital because they are so understaffed and I want to give back. But they are too far from where I live at the moment.

My dream nursing career would be a labor and delivery nurse. I am done having kids, but I still am drawn to it. Have always felt drawn towards something to do with pregnancy and just about everything that goes along with it.

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We just had a post on this(By me lol) a few days ago..but Ill answer here as well.

After graduating, I hope to work in L&D, and then go on to get my CNM and either work in a birthing center or practice and help women. Women and on a slightly lower note, babies, are my passion.

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Oh I didn't notice your post...oops! Well anyway thanks for posting your dreams career in nursing on this post...I'm sure u don't get tired of writing it...

It started with a dream to be a nurse midwife and has become an ever changing and evolving dream. I would love to work in an ER or NICU and do some travel nursing but my goal now is to work in Pediatric Oncology.

My husband is military, so I have it all "mapped out in my head" that when he deploys, I can do some traveling nursing to awesome places. Later down the line (much later), I'd like to teach. I've always wanted to be a professor. I don't know that I'd want to teach actual nursing courses, as much as I'd like to teach electives like "Death and Dying", "Sociology of Nursing". I have my sociology degree and I find it interesting.

My dream is to work for Doctors without Borders serving those in underdeveloped and war-torn countries; living in tents, cold water showers, 20-hour days. Sounds wonderful.

My plans after graduation is to try a little of everyhting and gain as much experience as I can then later down the line get my Nurse practitioner, then go on for my Doctorate and teach, I would really like to teach!

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I actually really like LiLev's dream as well! My husband and I have young children right now, but when they are a little older, I would also like to offer nursing services throughout 3rd world countries. Our area does this already through the church and it's a great opportunity!

Graduating would be awesome! After that, I am drawn to Nicu or Er

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