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What have you done without a Dr. order???

PureLifeRN specializes in OR.

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klone specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

That's one thing I LOVE about working at a teaching hospital. There are ALWAYS doctors around. Often too many, and they're tripping over each other.


I'd rather post on the assumption that they know who I am...

Anonymity goes both ways on a site like this. None of us ever know, when we post here, who is reading our posts and whether we may have inadvertently disclosed enough information at some point to enable someone who knows us to identify who we are ...

Zookeeper3 specializes in ICU, ER, EP,.

Working in a non teaching hospital, where others know whom I am... I can simply say.. in the past, not so recent past that they will have ever seen or known..... There was at time, where we never called the attending doc unless a code was in progress... we wrote the orders, we did what we did and management turned a blind eye... we did everything.

That was over 10 years ago, and luckily we gained protocols to protect us. There are many small town facilities that are still working like this. You know who you are and I'd encourage you to have a liasion with the med ex. to establish those protocols you need to protect you.

years ago, it was a growth a learning exp. Now it would never happen. So those out there, take action and protect yourself. Been there, thought it was the norm and am older and wiser. There are administrative ways to protect you from the docs. Stand firm. All I have to say, because it's still out there.

i dont think its bad doing thing without Dr. order - i had number of cases in y department where nurses` awareness and actions saved peoples lives!!! we are not just doing things we are told to - we have to think and if doc is cannot solve the problem right away - we can help him. now, i am not talking about prescribing meds besides OTC, but taking blood samples, putting iv lines or giving fluids when necessary, its our duty i think. i am only doing this when i am 100% sure i am right and when i am not - i am calling a doc. but honestly - we are being near the patients more time - docs do. we can see and suggest things and eventually do things to prevent our patients condition worsening.

blondy2061h specializes in Oncology.

I'm spoiled. Where I work, there's a moonlighter making $120/hr to sit 24/7 and answer nursing calls. For the most part they're up within 5 minutes to write an order, and if it's an emergency I swear they have wings because they fly from the on call room and up three flights of stairs to be in the pt's room in under 10 seconds. They listen to our suggestions and I almost always get the orders I want/need for my patients.

I'm spoiled like this, too, but there's only one of him. The two times I had to do something without an order he was tied up with a cardiac arrest on another floor. It is awesome to have someone on site all the time, though, and 99.9% of the time they're awesome about getting back to us very quickly.

FLOBRN specializes in NICU,MB,Lact.Consultant, L/D.

WOW! I can't imagine a Dr. actually entering an order....

Shettymoore specializes in General Nursing.

Hi, great nurses! In the hospital where I work, Nurses always favour Doctors by doing their works even filling all sort of investigation forms, re-prescribing drugs that finished. With time I think we'll be given equal right with them.

diane227 specializes in Management, Emergency, Psych, Med Surg.

In an emergency I have done everything except give medications unless I was functioning under a standing protocol. I have no hesitation at ordering certain blood work, EKG, CXR, applying oxygen, starting an IV if the patient needs it. I have never once in 32 years of nursing had a problem with any physician for doing this and taking the required action before speaking with them.

gentlegiver specializes in Geriatrics.

I've sent patients to the ER w/o a Dr's order, calling the on-call number then waiting for a call back was time I felt my patient didn't have to waste. I called after they were gone, got yelled at for making what ended up being a good call, been told the patient was DNH/CMO, paperwork never completed & placed into the chart by said NP/PA/DR. Will I do it again??? You Bet!


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