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  1. cehhw

    A Nursing Exemplar; One New Nurse's Experience

    Beautiful! And I'm one who thinks Ruthie chose to leave while there was a caring person by her side. :heartbeat
  2. cehhw

    Nursing Pin for $115

    I lost mine anyway.....
  3. cehhw

    What have you done without a Dr. order???

    I do nothing that wouldn't hold up in court.
  4. cehhw

    Needing an honest answer

    I agree with you Ebony...I know what you're attempting to get across but I'm not articulate enough to write it out. In this country, business first, people second.
  5. cehhw

    Am I Babysitting or Supervising?

    I've seen too many places like this unfortunately.....
  6. cehhw

    The attire debate - what should nurses wear?

    I in no way meant to be nasty. After re-reading my note I agree I forgot to address the uniform issue. Which would have been: in my humble opinion clearly seen name tags are sufficient. As a LPN myself I wear all types of scrubs and our name tag is worn on a lanyard around our necks, but they do nothing but get turned around and get in the way. So I don't think uniforms matter....clearly read name tags would fit the bill.
  7. cehhw

    The attire debate - what should nurses wear?

    LPN's aren't considered (real) nurses in my neck of the woods and in fact they mainly work in LTC facilities. Hospitals have pretty much stopped hiring them unless they are in the RN program.....and a lot of facilities are offering tuition for their LPN's to get their RN degree because in the not too distant future they won't be hiring them either. And I'm gonna be honest with you...if me or my family member is critically ill, I'd like a RN rather than a LPN please. LPN's are very helpful but 1 year of schooling is no comparison to the 2-4 years of schooling for a RN. This is a no brainer. And before you take offense I like LPN's & hope there is always a place for them.
  8. cehhw

    Sharing Personal Information at Work

    I never liked discussing my personal life at work either. But health care is a very social environment from my experience. Groups go out together with their spouses, Christmas parties, get together on their days off & on & on. I was never a part of it liking to keep my personal & work life separate. All it did was make my co-workers curious about me. I blurred the lines a little, but I never liked it & never figured out how not to discuss me & mine or my life without seeming aloof. I'm not sure it's possible in long term positions. Alas I think I was considered a cross between snobby and or weird, even tho I laughed and talked with everyone all the time. I just wasn't talking about me & mine.
  9. cehhw

    Highly disturbed today at Clinical...

    I have worked at 4 different LTC facilities and have seen similar treatment. 2 in the North East & 2 in the South East. Seeing this type of treatment was the reason I quit work to care-give my blind Mother. To keep her out of these places until she died 4 years later. We didn't have money for the expensive ones. Anyway I have thought about this a lot. I always left those jobs because I couldn't tolerate seeing the poor treatment these residents receive and ultimately went to work in a clinic for 17 years. I think these places get away with this treatment because caring staff simply would not work there...this leaves people that don't have a problem with it. State inspections are a joke....The facilities prepare for them and they seldom get shut down because what would they then do with the residents. It has always bugged me the way we treat the elderly in this country.
  10. cehhw

    Top 10 Myths of the "MURSE"

    Well Done Sir! I got your point and totally agree. A few of these nurses need to lighten up.
  11. Leave that job. I've worked with like nurses. Just remove yourself from that poisonous environment asap. They won't change & you don't go to work to fight! I've had wonderful nursing jobs, with great caring, helpful, compassionate & fun staff. Those jobs are out there, find one. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY WHERE PEOPLE BRING YOU TO TEARS!!!!
  12. cehhw

    Scared Of Bullying

    :redbeathe If you couldn't be a nurse what else would you like to be? Well pick that. I actually agree with you. Nurses can be so judgemental to work with. Not all of them, but enough that it may or may not be a problem for you. So search your heart and choose another profession. You mentioned being a EMS that might work...or a writer. You'll figure it out. Love & Light to you...........