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I am currently taking A&P 1 at Miami University in Ohio. I am trying to get my pre-requisites done before applying to their ADN Nursing program. But I am just wondering what types of material is or was covered in your A&P classes. I know that A&P is not easy by all means... but at my school they treat us like we are going to be doctors. The book we are using is Hole's Anatomy and Physiology (12 edition) by Shier, Butler, & Lewis. The lab manual is Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual 9th edition (Cat Version) by Marieb.

Here are the chapters we have/are covering:

Chapter 1 - Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology: This chapter covered what was the difference between anatomy and physiology, level of organization, metabolism, homeostasis, negative & positive feedback, body cavities, thoracic and abdominopelvic membranes (pleural membranes, pericardial,etc.), brief summary of the organ systems, anatomical position, relative positions (superior, lateral, proximal, etc.), body sections (sagittal, transverse, etc.) body regions (epigastric region, umbilical region, RUQ, LLQ, acromial, digital, mental, etc.)

Ok that chapter was a lot of info but I didn't think it was too bad!

Chapter 2 - Chemical Basis of Life: This chapter covered matter, elements, atoms, atomic structure, isotopes, molecules and compounds, bonding of atoms, chemical reactions, acids, bases, salts, acid & base concentrations,inorganic substances, organic substances, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, DNA.

Ok this chapter was way over my head! I never have taken chemistry in my life!

Chapter 3 - Cells: cell membrane cellular adhesion molecules, cytoplasm (ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, vesicles, mitochondria, lysosomes, peroxisomes, centrosome, cilla and flagella, microfilaments and microtubles) cell nucleus, diffusion, osmosis, filtation, active transport, endocytosis, exocytosis, transcytosis, cell cycle, interphase, mitosis ( prophas, metaphase, anaphase, telophase), cytoplasmic division, stem cells.

And again over my head!

Chapter 4 - Cellular Metabolism: anabolism, catabolism, emzymes, cofactors & coemzymes, regulation of metabolic pathways, energy for metabolic recations, ATP Molecules, release of chemical energy, cellular respiration, glycolysis, anaerobic reactions, aerobic reactions, citric acid cycle, electron transport chain, carbohydrate & lipid storage, genes, DNA replication, genetic code, RNA molecules, codons, mutations.

Over my head!

Chapter 5 - Tissues: epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous, etc *OK I am tired of typing! LOL*

This wasn't too bad!

Chapter 10 - Nervous System 1- Basic Structure & function

This Chapter was a lot of information (We are up to here as of 7-16-09)

Chapter 11 - Nervous System 2 - Division of the Nervous System

Chapter 12 - Nervous System 3 - Senses

Chapter 13 - Endocrine System

Chapter 22 - Reproductive System

Chapter 23 - Pregnancy, Growth & Development

I have had only a WEEK to learn the first 3 chapters! I have my 2nd exam tomorrow on chapters 4,5, & 10... I have only had a WEEK to learn this material also! I know it is a summer class but in reading all the other posts about the A&P classes students took... they didn't seem this difficult! I have read people on here suggesting a coloring book. In this class we don't use figures at all so I don't know how that would help me other than for studying the body regions. Someone posted a study guide with notes that they took from there A&P class... I looked them over and none of them helped me for this A&P class. Therefore I am wondering if this material is the normal/average A&P class. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! If all the classes are like this at all the other schools... I WILL NEVER MAKE IT AS A NURSE!

Thanks, Elizabeth

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Looks pretty standard.


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Yes, it looks all similar to me too. We had to study all 11 human body systems.


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I'm in a summer (on-line) A&P course as well, and it looks close to the same. We use the same lab book that you mentioned, but the textbook is different - ours is the Marieb one that goes with the lab book. Summer is accelerated. Others have posted study tips on the board that are very helpful. Maybe search for those topics and see if implementing any of them helps. I know I study a ton, as we have a chapter assigned on Monday, quiz on Thursday, next chapter assigned Friday, quiz on Sunday, repeat Monday assign/Thursday quiz, then we have a test over the 3 chapters on Sunday. Of course, we have a calendar/syllabus so we know this ahead of time and can work ahead if possible. Good luck!



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I just finished a four week A and P I class in June with a B and I am currently taking A and P II. I used note cards to get me by and you may also want to use the hole's website. It located at the end of every chapter. You will find quizzes to take along with other material you may find helpful. My book is the 11th edition but it probably has the same information. Good Luck.


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Looks like what I had. I took A/P I last fall. But my professor did functional anatomy. We used live human subjects. We also learned scientists that discovered various things. Schwann, Schliden, etc. It's a lot of information for one semester, that's why a lot of schools break it into two classes. Good luck.

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This website might help you. It's the online supplement to your A & P Book. http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072919329/student_view0/

Hope that helps!

EDIT: That's actually for the 10th edition. But I found the link by googling Hole's Anatomy & Physiology ___ Edition.

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That does look very similar to my A&P I class. Endocrine and Repro were A&P II, bones were A&P I.

Summer classes can be very challenging.


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I use a physiology coloring book. It helps me understand the functions of the organ systems. It sounds like you didn't take a biology course before taking A&P. Taking that class first really helps in A & P, so perhaps that is why you are having more trouble in the class than you expected.


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Looks like what I am doing now. I used the study guides online and also read alot!!!! READ and take notes and READ again. I had a test over the 1st 4 chapters in a week and did pretty well. It is alot of work but nothing good comes easy. You can do it just commit to being a good student and a nurse and you will make it

I think all A&P courses nationwide are basically the same. The only difference I've noticed is dissections in lab. My school, we do cadavers but so many other posters I've seen say they do either cats or rats. Anyway....good luck and study hard!


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This is EXACTLY what ours looks like.. Chapters 1 - 12 cover A & P I and Chapters 13-24 cover A & P II. You might hear from many people (if you haven't already) saying that A & P II is MUCH easier, fun, and more interesting.. In A & P II, you get away from all of that chemistry stuff... Good luck! You will do fine!!

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