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Hey all-so I'm taking my exam on August 1st. I have debated about pushing my date forward but always chicken out. I was hoping some people that have taken the exam can write what they did the day of their exam. I'm taking mine bright and early at 8am. Also what did you bring to the exam? For example I know I need to bring my drivers license and ATT. But what else? Can I bring my iphone with me? Can I bring my ipad(for the train ride home)? Also how do breaks work? Can I take a break at any time? And what time do you suggest I get there? I know they tell you to be there an extra 30 minutes earlier for the whole process but I like to be extra early so can I come at 7? My nerves are eating me alive! I can't wait to just get this over with! :nurse:

I brought a few notes to look at before I went in to the testing center but I left them and my phone in my car. I only brought a water bottle, snack,( never used it) and my ATT, license in with me. I had a jacket too, but I didnt wear it when I took my exam. On the day of the exam, I didnt really do any studying, just looked over 1 page of notes I thought were important. I think you can take a break at any time but your clock will still keep running. There is a scheduled break at some point, I think its 2hours in. I opted to not take it and continue with my exam because I just wanted to get it over. It took me about 2 and a half hours to answer 85 questions. I got to the test center half hour early and I was surprised when they let me sign in and start right away. I didnt wait until my schedule time. Good Luck

Thanks for your input Anne36=) I'm planning on taking public transportation to the testing center so I don't think I'll be bringing any notes with me because it's not allowed. I'm surprised they let you take it earlier-maybe I'll have the same luck!

@nycnursing........Easily said than done- but try and relax! If you can.....relax the day before your exam and do nothing that pertains to the exam. Try very hard not study before the exam!! If for some reason you find this difficult to do....stop studying around 5:00 p.m. the day before your exam. Try to think peaceful thoughts! Tell yourself that you are going to pass the nclex! Tell yourself that you can do this and I'm going to do this!

Exam day- if you take your mobile phone turn it off as soon as you enter the front doors of the building and put the phone in your purse! Do not turn it back on until you have completed the exam and left out of the building. Do not take any study notes, books, or materials! You do not want to be tempted to do anything that could possibly jeopardize your exam!

Don't forget your licenses, ATT, and some healthy snacks and water in case you have to take a longer exam.

Stay focus and if you seem to be getting side track or have any negative thoughts, raise your hand and take a break to regroup!

Last but not least- "for me," the questions was not the problem. It was the answer choices! Knowing how to dissect the answer choices was challenging!

I hope that this helps you in some way!

God's blessing to you!

I brought my drivers license and the ATT. I left my notes and phone in my car but they provide you with a locker while taking the test so you can put all your stuff in there. Personally I wasnt suppose to take the NCLEX until the day after I took it, but the day before I took it I changed my date last minute because I didnt want to worry myself to death waiting... I got there really early and the place wasnt even open yet so I went and checked like twice before someone showed up. But it is good to arrive early because they will have to process a bunch of people and it takes quite a bit of time and causes your anxiety to go up. Hope this helps!

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