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What are your core classes?

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I looked up my college's pre reqs. It seemed I only need Alg2 and Bio/Chem to start the program. After that its all part of the Nursing Degree. What confuses me is I just got off the phone with a friend who said I need alot of core classes that its not just those. But on the website it says nothing about other courses needed? I think She was confused? Which happens ha. She hasnt started her program as well. This isnt something like I need History, geo and all those other bogus classes correct? My community college is http://www.racc.edu. If you go to the health divison and click on it. The side will show pre reqs. Its Reading Area Community College in PA. IF you cant get into the link. Im alittle lost right now. Thanks guys

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Hi, I do not know how your school works. But at my school it is a 2-year program (if you read the website) once you are accepted. Pre-reqs consist of 4 classes you complete before you apply.

Guess what? No one gets accepted without completing most of or ALL of the non-nursing core classes (aka co-requisites) at my school. The co-requisites are the courses that are listed on the website and the catalogue as apart of the program, but are not nursing courses such as, Micro, A&P II, Psych etc.

I will start my nursing program this January having finished all of my classes with the exception of 2 years worth of clinicals labs and lectures. Therefore, rather then taking my co-requisite courses along with clinical courses as listed in the catalogue I will be taking my clinical courses alone.

This happened because my school has set up the ranking based upon several factors to include giving points to people who have completed co-requisites and points to for the GPA of co-requisites.

So, I do not think your friend is wrong if your school is anything like mine. She is trying to warn you not to stop taking classes once you have completed your pre-requisites because that might hinder your chances. Talk to an Academic Adviser at the school before you get started to better understand the competition and the application process at your school. Good luck.

Click on "Prospective Students" and then click on "2005/2007 Student Catalog." Download that pdf file. Go to page 72 (79 of 139). Those are your nursing requirements. Then go back to the beginning pages of that file and read the rest. Or just go down to the community college and grab a course book. They're free.

I know we have 8 pre-requisites. I think most schools are close to the same. Some require Chemistry though. I would go and talk with a nursing instructor. I went staright to the department and signed up. That way, I got it straight from the horses mouth.

I wouldnt take it from anyone else. Good luck.

You also have to make sure you meet the requirement to actually take the science and math classes you need. For example, since your nursing program requires Anatomy you may need to take general biology first to qualify. Your classes from H.S. may or may not satisfy these req's. Like everyone else said, your best bet is to meet with an advisor.


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Well these are mine:

English 101

Math (can be health math if you only want an ADN)

Psychology 101

Biology 189 (not sure what that equivalates to in other colleges but that's in Nevada)

Biology 223 (A & P I)

with a C or better in all those classes or you will not be accepted

then you need to finish

Biology 224 (A & P II)


with a C or better

and you also need


Political Science

to graduate with an Associates degree from the school

but you can take those last 4 classes throughout nursing school.

My school requires a composite score of 100 on the NLN PAX exam and then entrance is limited and scored by a point system based on your pre-requisite GPA, previous degree's and if you the extra 4 classes those are extra points.

My school also rejects many many applicants, very tough! So if your school doesn't need all that, you are one lucky student and I would love to switch places with ya! Good Luck with your nursing!

Required for the ADN program at the local CC:

Eng 101

Eng 102



College Algebra + 1 4cr level math class



Human growth & dev

Hum. Elective

Gen Ed Elective

In the sciences, a C or better is required for admission but the necessary GPA is closer to 3.5 as admission is very tough. In recent years only 10% of applicants have made it in.

Ah, the fine print. Most schools give you the "pre-reqs" and say you can apply upon finishing these classes. But that's not all you need. All schools (I assume) require so many credits of general education courses as core curriculum to obtain any degree. In my state our core curriculum to graduate any college with any degree is:

English: 6 credits

Oral Communications: 3 credits

Humanities: 3 credits

Math: 3 credits

Science: 7 credits (one with lab required, but for nursing all require labs)

History: 6 credits

Government: 6 credits

Visual/Performing Arts: 3 credits

Social/Behavoiral science: 3 credits

Cross/Multicultural studies: 3 credits

Other courses/Electives: 17 hours (for nursing this would include your other sciences like A & P 2, microbiology, Additional psychology, etc.)

You need 60 hours total of required core curriculum that does not including actual nursing courses. This is true of the community college as well. At my CC we need our 60 core plus 68 credits of nursing curriculum to graduate with an associates degree.

It isn't stated clearly in most catalogs I've seen but at the beginning of your catalog it will tell you your state's required core curriculum to obtain any degree. So unfortanately you do have to take all the maths, english, history, ect. classes. that have nothing to do with nursing, but make you a more well rounded student (so they say!) I personally don't think art will ever help me in the real world, but hey they say I need it so what can ya do but suck it up and take it?!


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  • College Chemistry
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • English Composition I
  • English Composition II
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Computer Literacy
  • Human Relations
  • Microbiology

These are the classes that are required for Associate Degree that are non-nursing classes. With the exception of Comp II, the first 9 classes must be taken (with almost straight A's) to get a spot in the Nursing program.

To apply to nursing program:

- Anatomy & Physiology I (4)

- Anatomy & Physiology II (4)

- Nurse Assisting (6)

What everyone ends up knocking out in the meantime:

- Microbiology (4)

- Intro to Psych (3)

- Developmental Psych (3)

- Intro to Sociology (3)

- Intermediate Algebra (4)

- Arts/Humanities elective (3)

- English 101 (3)

- English 102 (3)

- Nutrition (3)

- physical education (1)

Then of course some of the above mentioned classes have prerequisites, so you might need to take:

- intro to Biology

- Chemistry

- intro math course

- intro English/reading course

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