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hi everyone,

i will be taking;

chemistry060 (pre)

anatomy001 (pre)

psychology041 (pre)

philosophy001 (core)

after fall, i only have micro, physio and speech left, and i am done with both pre and co-requisites....yay:yeah:


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HI Monkeykiss. Next fall I'm taking Chem 101 and Nutrition. I want to take Physiology but they don't have a night class late enough for me to take in the fall semester. I'm putting it off until spring.


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Hi Labchic,

Is Nutrition part of pre or corequisite?

The colleges that I am interested in applying are not requiring a nutrition class, but I find the class decription on the school catalog pretty interesting.

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I'll be taking the last of my pre-reqs in the fall. I have Algebra, Stats, English and Human Growth & Dev. Since I have no sciences and don't expect any major problems, I am thinking of taking Patho so I don't have to take it during my first semester of NS. It all depends on funds if I take it or not. It will definitely be a full load!


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i think that all schools are different. i know that at my school i had to take nutrition, sociology, two psych classes, and ethics. some of the lpns that i work with are going back for their asn and they are taking some of the classes that i already had to take before my core nursing classes.


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It will help you with your careplans in the future.


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I am taking


International Health

English 302

Developmental Psy.

I also had transfer credits and I am taking two classes in the summer. I hope to be done with the prereqs for the program in three semesters (I am really pushing it.)


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Hopefully NUR 111. If not that then I won't be taking any classes until next summer when the next class starts.


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I have 4 pre reqs left, GOBC 1 *2 which I am taking this summer and then A&P 1 and 2 which I will take in the fall and spring along with co-reqs (core) developmental psych and Humanities in the Western Tradition in the fall and in Ethics and MicoBiology in the Spring. Then * hopefully * acceptance in the program and starting NS in the fall of 10 :)

It will help you with your careplans in the future.

Nutrition helps with care plans? Can you explain how? This is very applicable to me, I am taking nutrition in the summer and hopefully RN school in the fall.


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There is a dietary section on your careplan. I used Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy (ninth edition):up:. Inside of this book there are diseases such as ulcerative colitis, cirrhosis and epilepsy for example. Under all of these there is diet therapy for each. For example cirrhosis... It states suggested energy needs, protein intake, sodium intake, texture that the food should be if esophageal varices are present; carb intake, fat intake, and vitamin and mineral needs for the patient. These are all things that need to be included in your careplan.

Now I'm not sure if you just take nutrition how deep you will go into each of these because I had nutrition and diet therapy together, but I found it a helpful referance for my careplan. My resident had a colectomy, and illeostomy. She also suffered from asthma and osteoarthritis. I found all of my dietary needs inside of this book. I found it a very valuable source since everything you write has to have a reputable source and can't just be picked up off of a dot com website.

I hope this helps.

Wow that is exciting! Thank you for explaining that to me. I am so looking forward to taking Nutrition because I so enjoyed Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology. I love all these different facets of biology that I've been exposed to. I can't wait to get my books!

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