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  1. What do you list. I am having a hard time answering this question especially in this area. I feel like I either go too high or too low. I am a recent grad LPN. For example a potential employer asked me how much I wanted to make hourly in D.C. I stated 18-19 an hour. The person then told me that I would have to take the metro or pay for parking etc. etc. and didn't say it was too low but hinted around to it. I thought it was a fair price but IDK. I was asked this question by another potential employer in N. VA and I stated 20/hr based off of the prior experience with the other position. The potential employer reduced it to 15/hr and it is part time. I am stuck in this predicament and I don't how to respond. The pay rate for this particular LPN position on indeed salary range states that it can go anywhere from 55,000-59,000, but I still don't know how to respond. The career counselor stated I should say whatever you feel is best based off of my experience. But the job still in my eyes wants to know if they can afford you or are you selling your self short because you don't have a job. How do any of you go about this awkward conversation with a potential employer? Help would greatly be appreciated
  2. dvastudent

    GHNTS questions

    It comes with a bp cuff, stethoscope, pen light(you will have to buy another because it only last through fundamentals and Geri 1), bandage, no scissors/shears, a tracheostomy kit, wound care kit, syringes, iv kit, alcohol prep pads, a injection practice pad etc...... The price on the stethoscope is retailed at 45.00 but they charge 70.00 for it. You do have to buy your own watch.
  3. I am in the DMV and I am very interested in the exclesior college AAS in nursing program. What hurdles have you endured trying to get thorough this program? I will hopefully finish my LPN in July and I want to go straight into my RN studies. I am also a military spouse so I do need something where there can't be any breaks in education. Thanks
  4. Good Morning, I am in Fundamentals of Nursing and we have to conduct a research project. For my research project I have to explain what goes on in a Typical Clinical Day in a Nursing Home from the perspective of LPN students. If you can just tell me what activites that you participate in during your Geriatric Clinical. Thank You so Much in advance!!!
  5. dvastudent

    LPN programs in Virginia

    Global Health Nurse Training Services Accreditation? Yes NLNAC Where you went for clinicals? n/A How hard/easy/helpful/independent did you find the program to be? If you don't study it will be hard Did they prepare you for how work would be after school? n/a How did you manage classes with work/family life? I am still in the beginning stages of the program but I try to spend as much time with my husband and child as possible. When I need to study I close myself off in a room and do that. But there is a lot of studying it is a very rigorous 12 month program. Did you find a job afterwards? Did the school help you with finding that job? n/a Are you looking at doing LPN-RN bridge? If so where? Are you having any problems with that b/c of where you did your LPN schooling? I think I am doing my LPN to RN bridge there but the only problem is that they aren't accredited for the RN program so you have to pay out of pocket. Are there any unexpected requirements for the LPN program? None so far.
  6. dvastudent

    What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    [color=#ffa500]1* what's the overall cost of your program? 15,000 2* if u qualify for financial aid than what's the remaining amount that u have to pay overall? i don't have to pay anything because i get gi bill 4* where's your school located? aledxandria, va
  7. dvastudent

    ***CLASS OF 2011***

    Checking in here my program is a 12 month and it ends in May of 2011!!!
  8. dvastudent

    Starting salary for Lpn's in the DMV area?

    I would check out the salary calculator on indeed.com, and also pull up some job listings on there to get an idea also. HTH
  9. dvastudent

    Global Health Nurse Training Services

    Thank You!! I just have to get one more letter of recommendation and take a cpr class and I will be starting in May.
  10. Hi everyone, I am starting the LPN program at Global Health Nurse Training Services, and I wanted to get some advice, pros and cons of the school. Thanks in Advance.:)
  11. dvastudent

    Any Lpn Vo Tech Schools In The Dc Metro Area?

    Career Training Soulutions which is in Fredericksburg Global Health Nurse Training Solutions which is in Alexandria, Va
  12. dvastudent

    Fall Schedule!

    My Fall Schedule: Human Anatomy and Physiology M & W 730 am -845 am Lab F 1030-115 pm Advanced Comp Mon. 1:30-245 International Health T & TH130-245 pm Developmental Psy T & TH 1200-115 pm BTW I don't work but I have one child and a husband. So hopefully DH will help me with the 3 year old.
  13. dvastudent

    What classes are you taking for Fall2009

    I am taking A&P I International Health English 302 Developmental Psy. I also had transfer credits and I am taking two classes in the summer. I hope to be done with the prereqs for the program in three semesters (I am really pushing it.)
  14. dvastudent

    FSU students left hanging by nursing program suspension

    Most of the credits from FSU won't transfer to another institution out of state, but they can go to any school in the UNC division or even Fayetteville TECH. But most of the ppl that are at Fayetteville Tech had hopes to transfer to FSU.
  15. dvastudent

    FSU students left hanging by nursing program suspension

    I use to go to FSU and it doesn't surprise me at all. I was going to go into the nursing program because the degree that I was pursuing at FSU wasn't fulfilling enough for me. I am really anal about my grades (pretty sure all of us are) and I didn't want to jeopardize my high gpa so that it would make my chances of getting into another school slim to none. I understand where you are coming from in terms of Dh being in the Military and being in limbo. I am just thankful that DH got orders out of there, and I got accepted into GMU to do my prereqs. Did you look into Duke's 1year BSN program.... They also have a diploma nursing school program that they advertise on the radio but it is in Raleigh/Durham(???) I know it is very far but I was thinking about doing it just so I wouldn't be subjected to FSU's BSN program.