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What do you do about child care?

Just curious what everyone does about childcare?? I have to try and work around my husband's schedule (8-5) to take either night classes or online classes. This semester is the first Im actually getting daycare to take a day class becuase lets face it the selection of night classes is way worse than day classes.

But I do have one night class, that starts an hour before my husband can get home, so I have no clue what Im gonna do and I have to have this class....I live where I know NO one and certainly dont know where to find a babysitter. I guess I'll try and find a daycare that runs at night.

I hate to send them to an in home place where anything can be happening...

Its so frustrating all I wanna do is take 2 classes and its so difficult to line up childcare to exactly what you need!

For my day class the kids (4 and 1) will go to preschool for 2 days a week at about $650 a month, for 2 days! Good grief! Its actually not that much time spent in care the class goes 9am-1pm, and I'd pick them up at 2pm. Now Im worried about getting care for an hour and a half in the evening...who's gonna wanna do that?!

Sorry this is a rant, what's everyone else's schedule like with the kids? maybe I'll feel better to hear from others. How do you find a babysitter (you can TRUST) when you dont know anyone...there needs to be a babysitter hotline LOL.

-Jasmine :uhoh3:

Fortunately, our youngest has just gone to grade one. For the times they aren't in school, my older kids, dh or parents have been able to help out so far.

I hope you are able to find something satisfactory! Sorry I'm not much help!

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I'd try asking around at a church, high school, hospital (sometimes they may give CPR/child care safety programs to teens) neighbors; Department of Human resources may have a list of registered providers, or put an add in the paper. Then do some back-ground checking. If you have a friend that works in law-enforecement they can do this for you as a favor, if not it would be worth it to pay the $ to find out who will be watching your kids.

Personally, I have a Registered family Day care provider my clinical days. I found out about her by word of mouth.

My college offers on site daycare/preschool so my 3yr old attends while i'm in class. For my older two kids (7 & 10), I have a teenager watch them until I'm home.

... also think about what to do for when your children get sick, many times no one will allow them to attend when they are sick. Always find a back up /emergency sitter.

Best of luck, I hope you find some-one you feel comfortable leaving your kids with.

$650?!?! For two days a week?! You must be kidding! That's unreal! They better dip those kids in gold each day, cause that is just.. I'm stunned! Where is this, silicon valley California?

My son is going to his usual pre-school, he's attended for 1.5 years now, the United Methodist Church. It's an absolutely wonderful program and he's had the same teacher for two years. It runs Mon/Wed/Fri from 7:30am til 12pm, and it's $95 a month. On Tues/Thurs my mother in law is watching him. I'm thinking about signing him up for the summer sessions because while MIL can watch him, he really enjoys the extra activities and social aspect.

I'm so sorry your daycare cost is that high. Is there anyway you can switch to a distance type class for that evening class? Probly not or you would have already. MAN!

Around here, because there's a state prison that employs a ton of people on third shift, there are facilities that mind all age children through the night. I only know of one offhand, but they do exist!

God Bless & warmest wishes,


~is still sputtering over that cost of daycare! holy lord! I wouldn't be able to ATTEND college if daycare ran that high!

Ah yes........actually it is pretty close to the silicon valley. We are in the central valley right outside of Merced.

(That is $650 a month)

My school has a daycare they are open from 7am to 9pm very cheap too.

Ah yes........actually it is pretty close to the silicon valley. We are in the central valley right outside of Merced.

(That is $650 a month)

C'mon down to Texas! :rotfl: We'll getcha right fixed on up! lol


I must need to move somewhere else.....someone above said their school's daycare is cheap too, but all the schools in my area are low-income based and have waiting lists years long. (NOT kidding) Were not low income so that hinders me from getting in any where.

My husband earns too much for us to qualify for anything, financial aid, assistance, anything of that nature. (I pay out of pocket for all school expenses.) So the daycare prices (for a 4 year old) I quoted above are just generic for anyone in Texas. But they ARE full and don't have room for more children.



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There was a day care at my community college. You signed your kid in and out. The Dean of Nursing talked to the director to make sure they were open when we had early clinicals. They served balanced breakfast, lunch and dinners. The did do some teaching. I want to say it was $2.50/hr. I asked my MIL and she said she was a grandmother not a babysitter, now that I'm graduated she is watching my husband's brothers daughter. grrrr

I hope you able to figure something out. I too did online classes when the kids were younger.

I am lucky and have a son in second grade. I will be in school when he is.

My husband is actually working around my schedule now. I waited 10 years to go to nursing school and now I have a chance to go and he will be staying home during the day with the kids and working at night. 2 out of 3 kids are in school all day and my youngest sleeps most of the day anyway so it works for him. Good luck!!

Ok....Now Im more depressed.

LOL, you'll figure something out, it'll work out somehow. :D I stayed home with my son for the past 5 years and waited til everything was in place to attend school, so I just took the easy way out. I'm proud of you that you're trying to get school rolling despite the obstacles!


I am only taking one class at a time. During the spring, I am taking a class that meets on Saturdays for 4 hours. This past fall, I took a class that met once a week, for 3 hours.

I'm sure that it will all work out for you. Good Luck.:wink2:

I would go meet some of your neighbors and ask what they do for sitters. That is how I found my babysitter. I pay her $8.00 per hour (I am also in So Cal)

I have also used Craig's list to find sitters. Of course, you must meet them, check references, etc.

I found one sitter in the pennysaver. try that as well.

Good luck!

:) C...

Not to discourage you more, but I am very blessed to have my mother and other family close by. My step-dad is retired and if there is ever a conflict with my school-aged children, he is always there to help. I thank God for them every day! HOWEVER, when my son was in kindergarten, I was 3 weeks from the end of my 2nd semester of pre-reqs - 4.0 GPA - and I dropped because it was affecting my family so much with the schedule. Though my dad was very flexible, the guilt was eating me alive. Now he is in 2nd grade and my daughter is in 4th. My guilt now is that she will be almost through jr. high before I graduate. Lord - give me strength ;)

Good luck to you - everyone has offered great places to start. I also feel the frustration of not qualifying for assistance. This is the 1st semester I received state aid - minimal but better than nothing. Hang in there. If this is what you truly want to do, it will work out somehow!



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My Community College also provides Daycare. It's really to bad your doesn't. I have three kids, two of which are in school and my 2 year old goes to the daycare at the college and loves it. I have a friend who uses a Professional Nanny service and is very happy with that. It's a little pricey, but probably a whole lot cheaper than what you are going to have to pay. In her service, she pays the sitter $9/hr then she pays the service a nominal fee. I don't know what that is so I'm not sure what the hourly rate "really" is. Just a thought. I feel you pain. I am slowly completing my pre-reqs so when it's comes time to go full time, my little one will be in pre-school and my husband's work schedule will be more flexible. The wait is killing me, but it will be worth it not to have to put her in full time daycare.

I am starting the nursing program in the fall, and even with them (my two little ones) only going to daycare 2 days a week, it is going to cost me $233 a month. This is my part of the payment from the state child care assistance. The state will pick up the rest, which will come to about $150. My husband is the only one who works, and we are living paycheck to paycheck, so I am not sure where this money will come from. Even though it will tear me up to leave them, I think the social interaction will do them good. I am torn between an informal home day care, or the pricer more preschool like one. I think I would like the preschool type where they will learn, but they would be seperated all day into seperate rooms. My 2 year old has never been left with anyone, and I think it will be hard on him at first, and wish that his big sister can be there with him to help him through the first couple of days.

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