What can a LPN with a Bachelors do?

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My friend has a bachelors in accounting and hes graduating this june with his LPN license. He doesnt want to go onto RN school. What jobs are available to an LPN with a business degree? This is a pretty rare combo i would think, certainly there is a place/spot for him? Any ideas?


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Sadly, I can't think of any particular jobs for your friend. I agree it is a rare combination. Pursuing his RN degree would make more sense...in my opinion. I am an LPN and have a BS in Psychology, which is a very generic kind of a degree but applicable to all fields, and it's rarely benefitted me financially.

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i agree with midwest's posting. he would be better off to go get his RN. There is nothing wrong being a LPN , but there's not much you can do with a LPN and business degree. i love LPN's and they are worth their weight in gold and they don't get enough credit for all their knowledge. but the oppurtunity for LPN's is limited .

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i am a lvn (awaiting the nclex-rn) and i have a bachelors in government and sociology...has not got me one step further in my career as a lvn...however, i am looking into a rn to msn bridge for people with a non- nursing bachelors...so i hope in comes in handy then...

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I've seen programs as well that bridge to Masters as long as you have a degree in something healthcare related. I'm not sure if having the lpn would count though because I've only seen them take a BA. Good luck to your friend :specs:

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I started nursing school with a bachelor's degree in another field.

I thought it would give me an advantage in nursing school. It turns out that the majority of my classmates in nursing school had previous college educations too.

College degrees have become so common(at least around here), that it does not have the same impact it once did.

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after some experience with the LPN....maybe some sort of adm. job that requires the number crunching, but in the healthcare field? insurance co. maybe? though i think they are usually looking for RNs......tell him to get himself out there and network!


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He can work for the federal govt. They give credit for degrees.


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I know a number of facilities that have LPN nurse managers. (it's not the letters behind the name but the experience!) The business degree would definately be an asset there. Also private clinics, and facilities need business and general managers. Having worked in one, the mix of nursing and business is a BIG asset.

Good luck to your friend. I'm sure he'll be successful wherever his path may lead.

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