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What can I do to study for A&P 1&2?


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Hello everyone! I was wondering what I could study/look over before I took A&P that would help? It seems that A&P is the hardest pre-preq. Any suggestions or advice will be much appreciated!!

Thanks! :heartbeat

AP Coloring Books works for me as well as flashcards

Hello i have had a&p I and II. i got an A in each class. you could get an early start on learning muscles and bones. (muscles were for sure the hardest part for me!) learn directional terms because they help SO much with everything. (superior,inferior,anterior,posterior) and there are tons more. i took medical terminology...it helped a lot before i took anatomy. Anotomy II is A LOT harder than I so make sure to study longer and harder! very interesting and fun class! good luck :) i really don't think it is as hard as people make it out to be... as long as you study you will be FINE!


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I've gotten an A in all my pre reqs. For A&P I would draw everything and make my own flashcards. Sometimes by the time I was done drawing my flashcards I would have things memorized and barley use the flashcards. Other students that drew things also did a lot better than those who just bought flashcards. Also ask your instructor if there are any 'open' lab hours you can attend or if you can show up to a different section to get more hands on time since the lab practicals are based on what's there in the lab.


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Thanks for everyone's advice/suggestions!! :) I'm kind of excited to do these classes, because I love that kind of stuff!! Thanks again!!

If you don't understand anything, youtube is your best friend!!!

Dear Text,

Where can I buy coloring books for A&P? Thanks

Dear Tex42Cares,

Where can I buy A&P Coloring books? Thanks!

For me, Microbiology was harder than the A&Ps. I got As in all three, though. My method for learning is the two Ts, testing and teaching. If I could get my hands on practice tests, I would take them over and over and over again. The usually come with the text. Take them before you even read the chapter, so that your brain hones in on what you will need to learn. The teaching aspect is extremely helpful. Whenever you have the opportunity to explain concepts or review body parts with a classmate who is struggling, do it. I've found that studying with someone who is having a hard time before a test reinforces what I have learned. Any chance you get to explain physiology or show off your grasp of anatomy will benefit you greatly. Share what you learn with your mother, your dog, a friend, or the postman.

But, I suppose you are asking what to study beforehand...

Just get the text and start reading. If you hit the ground running, you're sure to succeed. :yeah:


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You can buy them anywhere that books are I'm sure. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and if you go to the top of this page to the right it says allnurses store I'm pretty sure I seen them there too. Hope this helps!!

KatePasa- Thanks so much for the advice!!

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I never did the coloring books. Before class began I watched youtube videos to learn organ system basics. type in: cardiopulmonary system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal system...etc. pay attention to the pathways, processes of all the systems. When you get your book make copies of the figures, leave the lines but white out the names and photo copy again. use them as practice to write in the names of all the bones, muscles, regions of skull, brain, arteries/veins, nerve plexuses. I did all this and got A's.

My best advice BEFORE class starts is to not worry about it too much! The worst part of A&P for me was all of doom and gloom I heard about how difficult it was and I was a couple of tests into the first semester before I realized, "hey, this isn't nearly as bad as everyone says!"

As for actually studying, like others, I had success with a multi-dimensional approach. Drawing diagrams, making flashcards, having a great study buddy (and I'm usually a solo studier), and explaining the body to anyone within earshot were my top study tactics.

But seriously, the anticipation is the worst part.

sorry just saw your post this evening .. yes Barnes& Noble,Amazon,Borders

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I wouldn't study anything before the class begins. Take your break while you have it because when class begins you'll only have time to study.

I don't know if you have to take a Human A&P lab portion, but for lab I took pictures of everything we studied so that I could study them at home. We could stay in lab until midnight, but I didn't think that was too wise considering I had class the next day. I solved that problem by taking pictures of the models, slides (yep, you can zoom in and take photos of things under your microscope. It really helped me when we had to learn the different tissues etc. As for the class portion, flash cards were my life. I made a flash card for everything. I also studied with a friend during Friday labs after class.

I made a B in Human A&P 1 and an A in the second part.

Good luck.