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I need suggestions...

I'll be starting a 2yr full time diploma prog. at a local hospital next fall...

I was wondering what I can do in the mean time to get acquainted with some of the material I'll be studying in school. I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time waiting for school to start...

Can any of you reccomend books, mags, web sites, etc. that may make sense to someone with no formal training yet....

Thanks in advance for any input...


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Sticking around here and reading posts about nursing will help for sure.

If your hospital has a library, go to it and ask where the nursing books are. A lot of the local schools around here have donated a book of a prior edition to the library, and these can be great resourses.


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Thanks for the advice, Marie...

I'll certainly check it out. I wonder if I'm allowed to use the hospital library before I start class...

I have been to Barnes & Noble to check out their books, but most of them are study guides or way over my head... :p

Thanks again!


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I'd brush up on your anatomy...

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The hospital library in our town is open to the public, same with the county library, you must get a card and all first.

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oh yes, and sometimes college libraries have good nursing books too.

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Well any nurse, no matter what the program needs to know his/her Anatomy, Micro, Physiology, and maybe get a book about Dosage calculations and medical terminology.


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oh yes you can NEVER start working on Dosage Calculations too early!


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Yeah... I took a look at some web site about dosage calculations and my head swam!! :roll

I suppose for someone like me whose math skills aren't her strong point it would be an excellent place to start. (I guess mom was right, you need math for everything! :uhoh3: )

I think I saw about today in the nursing section at Barnes & Noble that was titled something like Med Math....perhaps I'll check it out tomorrow....once the apartment is clean of course! :D

Thanks again for all the feedback!!

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If I had extra time before nursing school, I would find someway to volunteer or shadow nurses in a *lot* of different nursing settings because believe it or not, you don't get that great a sample in nursing school. I am graduating next May and at least 70% of my classmates still don't know where they want to go.


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Good point.... didn't even think of that.

I have a call to place to the hosp on monday...I'll add volunteering to my list of questions.



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As someone else mentioned, Medical Terminology is also something I would definately suggest to put on your agenda

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