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Working in an out pt psych office I have picked up some general medical terminology... I'm sure I could use more!

Thanks for the input...:)


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I would advise the shadowing or working as a nurse assistant to get some hands on experience. Every little bit helps.


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ditto what the others have said, I'm in my first semester of BSN school and I could definitely see it being hard (or at least a LOT more work) for anyone not totally up on their anatomy.

I would think working or volunteering in the field would be informative for you (although I don't feel as though I have needed that experience per se so far, it would just be interesting and I'm sure help narrow down a field of interest or try out one you have in mind).


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Originally posted by Lecia

Yeah... I took a look at some web site about dosage calculations and my head swam!! :roll

I suppose for someone like me whose math skills aren't her strong point it would be an excellent place to start. (I guess mom was right, you need math for everything! :uhoh3: )

I think I saw about today in the nursing section at Barnes & Noble that was titled something like Med Math....perhaps I'll check it out tomorrow....once the apartment is clean of course! :D

Thanks again for all the feedback!!


What website did you find those drug dosage calculations at? I have 3 books not including my texts for class but I would really like to do some of this stuff on the puter if at all possible. Thanks.


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There were several dosage calculation sites I looked at... I can't remember which one I liked... All I did was a google search for "dosage calculations" and wandered around from there. It didn't take long to find some that were well written and helpful...even to someone like me who has NO prior experience in the area.

Happy surfing!


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Thanks everyone for your excellent feedback...

I plan to look into volunteering, get myself a good anatomy book, a dosage calc book and continue to read all I can on the subject. I just need to feel like I'm doing SOMEthing instead of just waiting for class to start. :p

Thanks again!!

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