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We had our orientation to the nursing program a few days ago, and they gave us a list of things we'll need. Does anybody have any advice on what kind of stethoscope or blood pressure cuff to get? How about comfy shoes? One lady told us we could wear any shoes that are all white, another told us they have to be nursing shoes.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

Consider this - the longer the tubing, the poorer the sound.


I too think Nursemaye are a waste. Mine were falling apart after one semester and the killed my feet. Littman is more expensive, but it a good high quality stethoscope. just watch out they have a way of disappearing!

NurseMates and Cherokee Rockers are both awful. Besides looking orthopaedic, they kill your feet and make your feet stink after wearing them all day. I also bought a white pair of Skechers and it was the best investment. Littman makes the best stethoscopes--they fit in your ear so nicely and the prices range from moderate to expensive. You could get by easily in school with a moderate priced one and then, should you specialize in CCU or something like that, you could invest in one of the fancier models. I have no particulars about BP cuffs. Happy shopping and good luck.

Hi Good luck on your upcoming year. Stethoscopes I just got one out of the book store, it works great the only problem I have had is it is heavy and hangs in my ears and hurts sometimes. BP Cuff I have a prestige I got it for about 35.00. shoes Nurse mates are inexpensive about 40.000. But you can also get a pair of reg tennis shoes, leather but make sure they are all white, no blue stripes ect.. It is so exciting isn't it :)J

I have not bought a bp cuff, yet. I have purchased a stethoscope and shoes. My stethoscope is a Littman Classic II SE, and I love it! My shoes are New Balance. I have to have them! My arches are horrible, and I have found NB to have the best arch supports.

I hope I have helped. :)

It's my personal opinion that NurseMate shoes are a complete waste of money. I bought a pair for my first semester of clinicals, and wore them throughout the whole semester. They are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned. The next semester I bought a pair of all white sketchers, and I love those! For stethoscopes, I am partial to Littman's. I have the cardiology III. The sound quality is awesome, but the tubing is too short. I feel like I have to be right in my patient's face just to reach their chest. I understand though that you can order longer tubing. I need to do that. As far as BP cuffs, I haven't found a preference.

I would definitely invest money in a good stethescope. I made the mistake of buying a cheap one to start with, and ended up buying two more before I finally bought a good stethescope. With all the money I blew on cheap scopes, I could have just bought a Littman Cardiology III. Anyway...the above posters had good tips. A short tube provides much better sound quality...which becomes very important when assessing lung sounds. I would recommend nothing less than a Littman Classic II SE. The cheaper Littmans are no better than a prestige. You probably don't need a more expensive scope unless you are hard of hearing, have trouble hearing with background noise, or if you are going to end up in some type of critical area. You can buy Littmans on-line at a discounted price. Somewhere on this web-site someone made a post about Pot-belly stethescopes. I guess they are really cheap (around 24-34 dollars) and they block out background noise excellent. They are also so ugly that no one would steal them. Sorry, I don't know the web-site for that brand. Everyone has there own opinion about which stethescopes are good. You may have to try a few before you find the one you hear best with. Bring some alcohol wipes to the store with you and ask if you can try the scopes out. Also...SAVE YOUR RECEIPT...that way you won't end up like me. If your scope doesn't work out...just return it and upgrade.

As far as shoes go...Nursemates SUCK! I would go with any all white leather cross-training shoes that are comfortable. The cross-trainers have better shock absorption for all the pounding your feet will take and they provide good overall support. There are also some good walking shoes. Just stick with whatever brand works best for you. Also...some support hose or stockings teamed up with well-padded socks do wonders. My feet and calves used to cramp, but after I started using support stockings my feet and legs feel a lot better. Hope this helps. Good luck in Nursing School.

I also have a Littmann Classsic II SE stethoscope, it was about $60.00. As for shoes, I have a pair of Easy Spirits, I believe the style is Enconquerer, and they are great! I have my own BP set, but it is my first, so I really can't compare. I am an LPN now, going into RN school this fall also. Good Luck! :D

When in nursing shoe, the two most important things to splurge on are Shoes and a scope.

I recommend the Littman Cardiology III. It is expensive for a poor broke college student, but i think it was the best investment I have ever made. Other nurses on the floor ask to borrow my littman to check newborns for murmurs. It also does a great BP in a noisy room. My favorite BP cuff is Prestige, and they come in many colors to spice up a boring white wardrobe.

For shoes, I recommend SAS. mine were $140, but the difference it made in my feet and legs at the end of the week was worth more than what i paid for them.

If you cant afford them now, try asking family for them at Christmas or birthdays, or for money so that you can buy nursing supplies. The first year is probably your most expensive, but spending a little more now will save you serious cash (and foot discomfort) in the future!

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