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What Books should I expect?


Hi All my nurses to be, I start my LPn program on monday april 28th 2008:yeah:but I was just wondering what the book load like, how many books do you normally receive in the beginning , are they big and heavy, should I walk with a pulley bag to bring them home?????:bugeyes: Also I heard that a nursing diagnosis book is key do schools usually give us that at school or do we have to buy it on our own?:nurse:


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I just got my books today for our first semester and there were a lot. They even told us during orientation to "bring a wheelbarrow" for them on the first day of class. :chuckle

There were 16 books altogether on the list for us. Yes, a few were pretty hefty. I filled my (rather large) backpack and STILL had more than an armload to carry to the car.

I don't know what books your school will provide you. Ours separated them into "required" (Nutrition, concepts of nursing, med-surg nursing, mental health nursing, pharmacology, Medical terminology, and workbooks to go with them all, as well as non-nursing books like psych and english), "highly recommended" (Dosage calculations, Care Plans, and Lab tests and procedures with Diagnoses), and "recommended" (Mosby's Drug Guide and Taber's Medical Dictionary). Some of my classmates only bought the required books, but I bought them all... I figure I could use all the help I can get! :wink2:

Good luck next Monday!


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I think I got 13 books for my first term LPN classes. I got them last month, I have a rolling backpack. My school includes books in the tuition so I didn't have a choice which ones I bought. All my text books are paperback. Let's count!

1. Nursing 100 (Foundations of Nursing). This book is about 3 inches thick. It comes with a

2. study guide (about an inch thick workbook)

3. Anatomy and Physiology. Also has a

4. study guide

5. Psychology and

6. study guide

7. Nutrition

8. Concepts of Nursing

9. Drug Calculations book

10. Adult Nursing book and

11. study guide (these last several books are only about an inch thick

12. Davis's Drug Guide

13. Medical Dictionary

14. Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests

Whew! I think that's all. Don't forget all the notebooks and folders that will be required for each class, too. I'd say 3/4 of our class uses a rolling backpack. We don't have to carry all of our books to class every day, but even bringing a few of them with their notebooks is a lot, especially when we bring our stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs. You know how nurses always seem to have bad backs? The damage starts in nursing school, with all the books to carry! LOL

Enjoy school, I've only been in since April 1 and it's been great so far!!

Thank you soooo much. Now I have to go shopping for a rrolling backpack this is way too crazy, My life is gonna be books for the next year and a half, but I have faith in us all. Good luck everybody I wish you all the best!


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I forgot to add something. The LPN class I'm in is 3 terms long. The 2nd term we get 5 new books and the 3rd term we don't get any new books, we just keep using the ones we already have. So at least there's not too much more accumulation throughout the year. good luck!!


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Don't forget Pharmacology w/study guide and mental health nursing. The books are expensive but don't forget about the fun stuff you get to buy like bandage scissors, gait belt, lab coat, stethoscope and pen light.:D


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Part of my tuition included my stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, bandage scissors and uniform (white pants, white tunic, and teal lab coat.. ugh) We had to buy a watch with a second hand, plain white all leather shoes, and a penlight.

Now, I was thinking about the gait belt thing. Our school's rule is: We don't transfer anybody that doesn't have a gait belt on. The instructors said we could buy our own but that each resident in the LTCs we do clinicals at have their own. But I'm sure when we do acute facility clinicals that those patients don't have their own gait belts so I'm not sure if I'll have to buy one then or not. I just looked at them today and they're 15 bucks at a local scrub shop. Ick!

I have pharmacology next term, I can't wait to see that book...


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We were required to have a gait belt with us at all times because it was considered part of our uniform. That being said, I brought it with me every day but just left it in my car or bag because every patient had their own, even in the hospitals. One of the techs said that it was because the hospitals were trying to cut down on passing germs from one patient to the next. I haven't used mine since early October.

Oh, and either buy 2 disposable penlights or 1 that allows you to change the batteries. I've gone through 2 disposable penlights already and I'm not going to buy another one! I'll just borrow from a friend for the remaining 4 days of clinical.

Buy a rolling bookbag that holds alot of books. Keep a notebook for each class then keep one just to hold on the different things that you can do waiting on the kids to do their sports, or every free moment you have.

Also buy everybook that they list!! Then buy more.. Memory Notebook for Nursing (all of them) gives you great little pictures and saying to remember stuff by.

Carry a big purse for snacks and notecards.

Good Luck all!! It is a hard ride but it is so rewarding when you can help someone. I have only 5 weeks left!!! YEH!!:yeah:..


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I noticed a listing of alot of books that you guys need but no one mentioned Maternity/Obstetrics. Do you all not have that rotation in your LPN programs. I do that's my 3rd semester Specialties in Nursing Maternal and Gynecological Nursing, and Pediatric Nursing. I guess every program really is different. BTW I start LPN school in August, can't wait.:wink2:

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I would definitely purchase the rolling wheels, for sure. However, I discovered that the required books were enough well after the fact, and sold many of suggested readings to the classes that were coming up next. You can get the suggested books used from Amazon or (maybe) borrow from the library to see if you are actually using them.

Where my money got spent was supplemental books that I found useful on my own. I used to comb the libraries for other books, and if they seemed to be more helpful, I would order a used, older edition from Amazon for as cheap as $2 (and some of the older editions were brand new, actually).

You will see as time goes on just how many books you really need to carry on a daily basis, and take heed to that, because even with the rolling buggies, it can be bad on your back. I used to just bring what I needed for the day, changing my buggy each evening. Or, if I did bring another one, it was because I planned to study at school rather than home. Yes, they are heavy!! Eventually, I just decided to study at home, where I had more peace and quiet. You will find what works for you. Now that I look at the date of your original post, I am sure you have them all and are staring in amazement on how much you are reading this first semester, already. Good luck!

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Oh, and let me suggest-ANY textbook that does have an accompanying study guide, it is worth the investment to purchase it. Most times (sometimes, not, depending on the author), they are a great way to review your lectures and add notes to them. And, at least for my program, the study guides were not even mentioned, but many times, test questions came from there.

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Oh, and one more note-unless you have financial aid, you WILL have to purchase them on your own, and many times, it can be as much as $800 dollars if you purchase them brand new.

Congarts sweetie get ready it is so much to cover is a little time, so enjoy the time you have now. Good luck keep us posted

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