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What books have helped you?


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Hello everyone-

I've been searching around for threads about great nursing books, but haven't found any. If there is a thread that anyone knows about, let me know please! Anyway, as you are in nursing school, or have finished nursing school what books have seemed the most helpful to you? Are there any must have books?

I am planning on getting 1.) Fundamentals Success:A course review applying critical thinking to test taking. 2.) Test Success: Test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students 3.) Fundamentals Success 4.) NCLEX-RN books of course.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions!

I'm a Saunders gal as well

Reviews and Rationales Series

Med Surg Success

Fluids and Electrolytes Made Easy


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any of the Prentice Hall series of books. love them.

also the memory nursing notebooks. - this is easy ways to remember things

and there is a book by kaplan that is not published anymore but you can find on half.com that is strategies for taking the nclex that has helped me this semester. it teaches you how to answer questions more effectively.

"Priority, Delegation and Assignment" by Linda Lacharity et al is a must-read before you take the NCLEX. It will clarify a lot of scope of practice issues for you as well as help you learn to prioritize. It is the only book of its kind that I'm aware of. I don't know anyone on this forum who has read it and doesn't rave about it.

Also, any of the "Nursing Made Incredibly Easy" books, despite the dorky titles, really are useful. They're very well written, more user-friendly than a lot of text books.

For inspiration and an understanding of what it takes to become a nurse on the job, you might enjoy anything by Tilda Shalof. When you can't study any more and you're on the brink of frustration, she'll remind you of why you're becoming a nurse.

Love Tilda Shalof! She is also a very nice lady!


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What books do you suggest reading first by Tilda? They all sound Good! And thank you everyone for your Suggestions!

Start with "The Making of a Nurse."

Saunders here, too! Also, this isn't a book per se, but I'd recommend the NCLEX 4000 software as well. It's great for studying.

All of the success books are great, NCLEX 4000, and Saunders book.

I'm cheap so I'm just throwing out what I'm going to do in hopes to maybe save others money.

I plan on waiting until I get my books to buy special ones since I don't know exactly which ones are in there.

(We have to buy an $1100 bundle of books our first term and then we are done with buying books for the rest of the program)

Then from there, I'll have some study sessions at my local Barnes and Nobles and check out any addition books that may be helpful.

You know, the whole try before you buy type of thing.

If I find one I really like I'll either buy it from there or search online for a hopefully cheaper rate.

Good luck!

The hurst review is a must have even if you are in the beginning of your program.

Highley recommend the reviews and rational series by Mary Ann Hogan