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  1. trulyblessed2

    Messy coworkers

    Hello everyone. I haven't posted in awhile. I have been a nurse working in dialysis for 3 1/2 years. The clinic where I work is sort of big.We have been short staffed for some time now. We have people in and out. They work a couple of weeks then leave. One person worked about 8 weeks and left. Most of the workers now are transferring to other clinics because we are so short staffed. During change over the clinical manager sits in her office looking at her cell phone on Facebook. She does not come out and help, only if we ask her to cannulate a patient. It is so stressful. This clicnic has the most turnovers I ever seen. Now she has hired techs, but it's like we are still short because they have to get trained. Again it is so stressful. Then to top it off the coworkers talk about each other and tell the clinical manager everything and she talks about them. It's a mess. And the patients know everything that's going on. What a hot mess!
  2. trulyblessed2

    pregnant and hepatitis B

    If anyone can answer this please do. Can pregnant people with antibodies go in isolation room with hepatitis B patients?
  3. trulyblessed2

    termination or not

    This is her 3rd pregnancy and 3rd baby shower.
  4. trulyblessed2

    termination or not

    Okay so this is for any body who can answer this There is a nurse who was wanting to go to her baby shower Saturday. We get our schedule at the end of the month. She has been knowing about the baby shower since last month, but did not request to be off. So the month of the baby shower she asks around for someone to change days with her. No one was willing to change days with her or work in her place. So the week of the week of the baby shower she goes to the doctor and requests a week off so she could go to her baby shower. She told a few people at work that she was going to do it. She turned her doctor's excuse in.The manager has to ask the ones who weren't on schedule to work in her place or close for her. She is so inconsiderate of others. By the way, we work every other Saturday and this would be her Saturday to work and next Saturday she is suppose to be off. This is so unfair to others who had already made plans, but had to change their plans. My question is, is this grounds for termination since she planned this?
  5. trulyblessed2

    dialysis nurse daily routine

    Thanks everyone
  6. trulyblessed2

    dialysis nurse daily routine

  7. trulyblessed2

    nurse closing

    What do you do when closing a shift?
  8. trulyblessed2

    dialysis nurse daily routine

    I have a couple of questions for Fresenius employees. When do you draw labs? What labs are drawn for new patients? When do you do footchecks? Do you use e cube clinicals to document? When are home meds reviewed? Can't seem to get patients to bring their meds. When do you do access flows? How do you complete care plans?
  9. trulyblessed2

    Heparin pump

    Hi. I am sort of new to dialysis and I was wondering how to set up a heparin pump on a 2008T or 2008K machine.
  10. trulyblessed2

    Still carrying books around

    Hi I was just wondering does anyone still carry around their nursing school books? I have been a nurse for 5 months now and I feel I need to carry my lab and diagnostic book along with my drug guide book. I feel I need it because the doctor orders tests I have no clue to what it is and also medications I never heard of. Also, I want to be able to answer my patients or family questions. I don't want to ask my co-workers everything. I don't want to carry it around forever, just long enough to get use to the terms.
  11. trulyblessed2

    chart breakdown

    Okay thanks
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    What labs do you look for to determine if a patient has a UTI?
  14. trulyblessed2

    chart breakdown

    I have been working on med-surg floor about two weeks now and was asked to break down patient chart. What does that mean and how do you do it?
  15. trulyblessed2

    I don't understand.

    I agree