What is the average pay for LVN's


I am applying for the LVN program this year at Navarro College. I didnt make the cut at Brookhaven college for the RN this year so I decided on LVN for now. If you dont mind me asking what is the average pay for LVN's? I noticed on careerbuilder and other job postings they dont discuss pay? I was just curious as to how much the pay is.

Thanks for your help!

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The average LVN pay ranges between $14 to $29 hourly in the DFW area.

Doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals pay LVNs at the lower end of the wage range ($14 to $19 per hour). Nursing homes, home health, hospice, and skilled rehab facilities pay in the middle range ($18 to $25 hourly). Agency tends to pay LVNs the most ($23 to $29 hourly), but you must be experienced, skilled, and willing to jump in there and learn with no orientation before any agency will hire you.


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My first LVN job in LTC paid $18.25/hr. This was 4 years ago. Considering the economy now I doubt pay has gone up much and probably will not any time soon. I've heard of LVNs making any where from $18-24/hr in LTC. Acute care hospitals start around $16-17/hr. Rehab and LTAC hospitals start at a little more like $18-19/hr. Usually those rates will include shift/weekend differentials of any where to $1-3/hr. Currently I work full time and PRN in a couple hospitals and I make between about $21-26/hr for the night shift and even more on the weekends.


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thanks for the info!:)


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I'm so glad to see this thread. I'll be applying to Navarro next Fall. Will you keep us posted on your application process and if you get in?


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Yeah I will! I am glad to see another person on here applying there. I am waiting on my letter saying acceptance or alternate but checked the mail today and still no word? The lady at the school did tell me the backgraound checks were taking longer than usual so I guess thats what is taking the longest.

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I have four jobs. LTC-$18.10 Rehab-$19.35 Crisis Center-$19 Agency-$23


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I got my acceptance letter today!:yeah:Did you get yours yet?