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Nurse Joey has 5 years experience and specializes in Psych.


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  1. Nurse Joey

    UTMB FNP Fall 2015?

    I'm currently working at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and was told 2-3 days a semester you need to be on campus. Also if you do not live in the Houston/Galveston area then you have to find your own clinical placement. Otherwise they will assist you.
  2. Nurse Joey

    Are you your own worst critic?

    I just started a new job on a Med-Surg floor, I have worked previously in pysch and SNFs for about 2 1/2 years, 2 as LVN and rest as a RN. I keep feeling like I suck as a nurse, can't get IVs, sometimes push medications too fast, report isn't as detailed as the veteran nurses. But the funny part is people tell me I am a good nurse; the patients like me, I'm knowledgable, I intervene quickly to keep them stable, I'm calm under pressure... so on and so forth. Do others also feel like they could be a lot better? I feel like by acknowledging my limitations and realizing I have room to improve, makes me a better nurse.
  3. you're joking... right? Just in case a nigerian prince wants to send you millions if only you provide your bank account number, give it to me first, and then I'll forward it to along the way.
  4. Nurse Joey

    Can we get rid of the sugar in nursing?

    I feel like I should come back and restate my case. There is a difference between empathy and sympathy, I can understand what you're going through, but I won't talk down to you. And as far as me being a "nurse bot", no dice. I have been known to be the only nurse to gladly care for the obese woman who digs in her depends. Why? Because she is my patient, I don't giggle and go gaga over her boom boom. I treat her with the dignity and respect that a fellow human in need deserves. I love nursing for both the science aspects and the ability to help people. But can we stop giving our patients diabetes? I would like to take these same cutesy, sugary, teddy bear scrubs wearing nurses in put them in an ER located in the bad part of town. Lets see how quickly honey turns to vinegar after the 10th person in a row comes in seeking drugs and screaming profanities.
  5. I'm sure I'll get burned for this, but today I attended a graduate panel for my former nursing program. The students got to ask us questions about pay scale, what we enjoy about nursing, and how to find jobs... etc. Well all my fellow nurses went on and on about how you touch people's lives, and you become a part of their families. They love all their patients, and *tears flowing* we're just so honored to be like Florence Nightingale. They told stories about sitting around with their patients telling stories about grandkids, and exchanging pictures. The usual cliches; a patient doesn't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I feel like an outcast because I don't treat each patient like I'm their sweet old granny. Seriously the way they describe nursing is like a wal-mart greeter in scrubs. Don't get me wrong I have people tell me I'm a great nurse, and a great person. I sit with little old ladies and hold their hands when needed. But can we get the sugar out of nursing? Can we stop calling everybody sweetie, and saying how cute they are? I'm a professional, if you have pain I'll get you a pill, I'll call the doctor, or I'll try my best to fix it, but I won't kiss your boo boo. If you need to be changed, I will change you. If you're scared, then we'll discuss whatever issue you may have. I run my rear off everyday providing care for my patients but never have I treated them like my puppy. Furthermore I don't see doctors acting like Pre-K teachers with patients. Honestly as a patient I don't care how sweet and loving you are, if I'm having a massive heart attack do you know ACLS?
  6. Years ago I did a 92 hour week, as well as working 30 days straight, while working at CVS Pharmacy. As a LVN I did 90 hours in 6 days, slept 6 hours on my day off and went on as business as usual.
  7. Nurse Joey

    Texas Nurses Association excludes LVN's

    Fine ladies! Yours are bigger. If you don't like a thread why stalk it and add your unwanted two cents. I was venting. Sorry my opinions are so distasteful to you, and sorry they infringe upon your rights. Obviously a lowly LVN knows nothing compared to the big bad RNs. I guess I'm quiting allnurses.com, because all nurses cannot possibly stand for ALL NURSES, but what do I know I'm not a Real Nurse.
  8. Nurse Joey

    Texas Nurses Association excludes LVN's

    The NFLPN stands for National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses, by definition its for LPNs. Would you try to join the United Auto Workers Union? Where as the ANA, and TNA are for nurses, by definition all nurses, from America, or Texas respectively, should be included. It should be noted that the ANA adovcates for LPNs and ADNs to have reduced nursing roles, essentially become Med Aide or less.
  9. Nurse Joey

    Texas Nurses Association excludes LVN's

    Well thank you for your permission to not join, I was really worried. I wasn't saying the TNA was a hate group, I listed them as a worthless organization as well as others, but you draw the conclusion that they discriminate all the same thats your beef. If I want to affect law and policy I vote, sign petitions, and write to my representatives, not join a self serving organization or make broad statements and judgements on a nursing forum. I suggest you do the same.
  10. Nurse Joey

    Nursing Home Emergencies- what would you do?

    If you're going to be a LPN in a few short weeks shouldn't you have a good working knowledge of BLS? The basics, establish that this patient is unresponsive, and not just sleeping. At this point designate someone to call 911 and someone to get you an AED, if you are trained in its use. Do your ABC's, and pick your interventions from there, clear airway, support breathing, chest compressions... etc.
  11. Nurse Joey

    Dont want to get anyone in trouble

    Get really close to her and yell "Code blue! Code blue! Get the crash cart!" After she jumps up like a chicken with her head cut off, then realizes there is no code explain to her that had this been a real problem she would be unprepared to handle it. My concern isn't about whether people get in trouble, but patient safety.
  12. Nurse Joey

    How is it like to be a Psych Nurse..

    A lot of times it can be like being in the eye of the storm, one minute everything is calm, the next all hell is breaking loose.
  13. Nurse Joey

    Nurses-Read this and respond to Dr. Ablow

    So I noticed he didn't mention PAs. Do PAs impersonate doctors? And how does he know how easy nursing school is? The reason people don't fly over here to see famous nurses... because the doctors take the credit, House any one?
  14. Nurse Joey

    how many nurses have two jobs?

    I technically have four. One full time, 2 prn LTCs, and one per diem with an agency. Upon hearing this people freak out and think I have a death wish, guess the general public doesn't get the concept of PRN. Some weeks I get 36 hours, some weeks 92 hours. Thank the lord above for TIVO!
  15. Nurse Joey

    ENPC vs. PALS

    i was looking into taking an emergency pediatric care course, originally pals, but i stumbled upon the enpc. the enpc course touts itself as the "ultimate" pediatric care course, but do hospitals look more favorably on one more than the other? can the enpc substitute for the pals?
  16. Nurse Joey

    Welcome to your new job! Lesson #1 Lock up your valuables!

    Yeah put those stethoscopes on lockdown too!