What about an Adult Daycare business?


OK, I'm considering another possiblity. What about the idea of opening up a small adult daycare center for the infirm parents of their working adult children? I have a friend that worked for one in a large city. My area is growing and this might be a market niche that I might find an interesting alternative to my job.

I called our social service director at the hospital today and she gave me a couple of numbers of people in the community who would know about the ins and outs of this, funding options, requirements etc. I'm also asking the allnurses users what you all think?

I'm also still thinking of my Handy Ma'am RN business idea seriously.

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Very good idea. I have seen these in action.

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I think Adult Daycare is a wonderful idea. We don't have one in my city, and I've always thought it would be great to have one for the very young as well as the very old in the same building. My son attends daycare at the CCRC (continuing care retirement community) where I worked during nursing school, and I really appreciate the benefits both parties receive from being together for activities, sharing outside space, etc.


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This is also something my husband and I have been considering for about a year now. i am currently an LPN but will be graduating from RN school in just a few weeks. I have worked in long term care for about 11 years. this is a new and growing concept that i feel like will definately take off and prosper in a few years. In Arkansas, where i'm at, there is only a few regulations that you have to follow as far as i can tell. Once you get your facility you have to be inspected by office of long term care. If you are going to take patients in w/c's, then of course you have to be handicap accessible. You have to have a place for the patients to rest if they need to or if they aren't feeling well. You have to have a menu that meets requirements and an activity calendar or list of activities for the day. This is if you are a private pay facility. If you take on Medicare and Medicaid billing, it is a whole new ballgame.

I have had difficulty getting info about this idea as well. I went to the office on long term care website to get what little info i did find.

One of the concerns I ran into was about how to keep up with patients medical records and what records you would need to keep on file. Like for instances, DNR or No Code status. I have not been able to find out any information about record keeping and what you have to have on file.

If anyone has anymore info, please share. I think this is a wonderful alternative to nursing homes and families are always looking for alternatives.

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OK jlsRN you are not only wonderful but brilliant too!!

What is your handy maam idea??

Love it, love it, love it!!!!!


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Check with your state's social services office and other state offices, check with the library, health department, and with people who already run them.

You'll need to know all the legalities and costs so you should talk with those who regulate them, also with a couple of attorneys and insurers.

I have also thought of doing this but have taken no action on it.

What is Handy Ma'am?

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That's a great idea.

Just a word for the wise, if you have a great idea, don't make it public because someone can take that idea and make millions off of it. Just be careful.

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Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm going to give this all some thought this winter and formulate a plan. I might start out with my 'Handy Ma'am RN' business, which would be a general service business for retired people still living independently, who might need help with painting, home repairs, lawn and garden, and also medical assistance (complimentaryVital Signs with each housecall). I can do that on the side and see if it picks up steam. I'm excited about this!

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adult daycare is a wonderful idea!!!

a much underused service, that many people need.

i'm thinking of a nurse who was taking care of her alzheimer's mom, who would have benefited with 6-8 hrs of respite care.

i say, pursue this avenue.

this is awesome, jls...:balloons:


Adult day care centers are similar in concept to day care for children; but they are staffed with people trained to assist with the special needs of the elderly. Each day care center may have its limitations on how much and what kind of adult day care it provides.

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