WGU's New MSN curriculum

  1. I'm planning on starting my MSN in September. The new MSN curriculum is now posted online on the college's website. It appears that the entire program has changed and is now 38 credits. I wanted to complete the program in a year, but that doesn't seem possible with the changes. I am also worried about possible issues with the new classes and format. I was excited about WGU because of the low cost, and competency based learning. Now I'm wondering if a more structured program might be better. Anyone plan on starting soon, or have any thoughts about the changes?

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  3. by   skoolrn
    I'm just finishing my BSN and have completed 5 courses of the MSN. NONE of the courses I've taken are in the new MSN program. I'm glad I'm "grandfathered" into the current MSN program.
  4. by   Bortaz, RN
    The new class listing is hideous. Probably going to discourage me from attending.
  5. by   stunnakeke
    I agree it is different
  6. by   2bTraumaRN2008
    Glad I have no intentions of going that far....what is so different about it?
  7. by   klone
    Quote from 2bTraumaRN2008
    Glad I have no intentions of going that far....what is so different about it?
    They've added the three P's and a practicum
  8. by   LoneStar1908
    Yes, the program has completely changed. Like Skoolrn said, ALL of the classes are new. The addition of the 3 P's and practicum wouldn't be an issue if they might be useful in an NP program. But they way the courses are titled and the amount of credits earned, may cause an issue with transfer. I appreciate the feedback.
  9. by   paradiseboundRN
    Here is some info if you are currently in the RN-BSN program and may want to switch.

    I'm currently in the RN-BSN program and was considering the MSN education track before these changes. I called my mentor about the changes and she said that students can change tracks in between semesters. My semester ends in September 30th and the new MSN programs may or may not launch in September. If I finish the semester before they launch than I can change to RN-MSN and be grandfathered into the old RN-MSN program. I'm not going to be heartbroken if I'm not able to do the old program, but if I can, I'll take advantageous of it. The person to call at WGU regarding changing your bridge program is Mary Pugmire.
  10. by   meanmaryjean
    I understand that by adding the 3 P's - they are actually ahead of a looming accreditation requirement for MSN programs.

    I actually wish I could go back and take them.

    And the practicum WAS part of the program previously, was taken out, and this is a reinstatement.
  11. by   Bruce_Wayne
    For those of us that don't know what 3P is, will you please tell me?
  12. by   meanmaryjean
    Physical Assessment, Advanced
  13. by   Bruce_Wayne
    Those weren't included before? If I remove myself from the situation a bit and think to myself, "do I think a MSN prepared nurse should have advanced knowledge in patho, pharm, and assessment?" I come up with yes.

    But still actually taking those classes sounds like a pain.
  14. by   klone
    Pathophysiology, pharmacology, physical assessment - it's what is going to be required in the future for all MSN programs. They are required now for NP programs, but not for nurse manager/nurse educator programs.

    Sorry, didn't see that Mary already posted!