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  1. 2bTraumaRN2008

    Thoughts on Charge RN

    HI Everyone, I am interested in possibly applying for a charge position in CC, but I don't have the CC experience. I have been a Med/Surg, Tele, Neuro RN for 12 years, so I have "general" experience, and I've done relief charge on multiple floors being part of float pool, but I'm not sure if stepping into a charge role w/o Med/Surg/Neuro ICU experience would be a smart move. I do learn very quickly and I'm sure I'd be partnered with the other dayshift charge for training/orientation, but I just want some honest feedback as to whether this would be a good move or not. Thanks a bunch
  2. 2bTraumaRN2008


    Rumor has it FNP 2020!!
  3. 2bTraumaRN2008


    Pathopharmacological Fooundations for Adv Nursing Practice and Comprehensive Health Assess. is there, but NO Contemporary Pharmacotherapeutics in the MSN-Education path.
  4. 2bTraumaRN2008

    chamberlain or Western governors for RN to MSN?

    There are tons of schools that will accept WGU's credits for their FNP programs.
  5. 2bTraumaRN2008

    To Travel or Not?!?!

    Cutting it close for what?
  6. 2bTraumaRN2008

    To Travel or Not?!?!

    Our PD nurses get called off at least one day a week, sometimes two. I need guaranteed hours.
  7. 2bTraumaRN2008

    To Travel or Not?!?!

    Hi All, looking for some insight on travel nursing. It's something I'd love to try, but like most of us, I'm nervous about making that decision. Now my current situation: I have been a nurse for 10 years, my last 3 years have been with float pool, so I have experience in multiple areas. I also have my med/surg certification and BSN. Now, here's my concern/dilemma....I want to stay "local" to where I live, and that only leaves me with 2 big hospitals, one of which I am currently employed at. Now I know I can't "work" for them immediately if I travel, but I am okay working for another facility "local" to me. My current place of employment uses travel nurses ALLLL the time! Local to me is 50-55 miles from my home, these are the 2 closest hospitals to me. That being said, would I get something for my travel time, if I could get a contract, or some sort of stipend? Benefits are NOT an issue or concern for me because I could go on my husband's insurance. I am really nervous because I have a HUGE concern for job security. I have talked to many travelers at my hospital and they have all said they've never been without a contract. The only time they have off is the time they take off between assignments. We do not "cancel" our travelers, because we are told they get paid whether they work or not, don't know if this is true or not. Any helpful insight is greatly appreciated!!!
  8. 2bTraumaRN2008

    Need advice Please- Call Center RN job?

    I know this post is OLD, but I am interviewing for a call center RN job this coming week. I too am ready for a change, but yet I'm scared to leave the bedside. This job is working from home, big plus for me since I drive 50 miles one way to get to work...over the mountains and trough the woods in WV, lol..I would like to know how you guys are doing in your jobs, those of you who did go to the call center jobs. Any feedback if greatly appreciated.
  9. 2bTraumaRN2008

    Transition from bedside to call center/triage?

    Very interesting topic for me. I have recently applied for a call center job, have been invited to interview. I have been at the bedside for 10 years and I'm looking for a change. I do travel far to work and like the idea of working from home, especially in the winter months, traveling on mountains in the snow and ice is getting old, and so is camping out at work due to the weather. I was asked for an " expected salary" in the application process which is more than what I am making currently, so I guess it's okay since they are interested. I "sat" for 19 years before I became a nurse so that doesn't bother me too much, but like everyone else, I'm a tad nervous about the change and what to expect.
  10. 2bTraumaRN2008

    Moving On Up: Clinical Ladder Programs, are they really worth it?

    Our hospital is doing away with the clinical ladders, but I have no idea what will take the place of them.
  11. 2bTraumaRN2008

    Wellpoint/Anthem BCBS phone interview

    I know this is an old post, but I recently applied and for the first time ever, my status says under consideration for a Nurse Medical Mgmt. position. Is this somewhat promising? I certainly hope so. Thanks and I appreciate anyone's feedback.
  12. 2bTraumaRN2008

    Applied for my MSN, haven't heard from anyone

    I will do that, Thanks! And thanks for the scholarship information, I will definitely check into that!!
  13. I graduated from WGU previously with my BSN, and applied for my MSN-Education over 1 week ago and haven't heard back from anyone yet. Does anybody know how long it will be before they will contact me? I know when I applied for my RN-BSN I heard from them in a matter of hours, literally. Just curious about the MSN process. Thanks in advance.
  14. 2bTraumaRN2008


    Well that's a complete ripoff, having to pay for them!!! I did find some, but I do NOT want to pay. I know I have 4 days, can get them done in an hour or so, but just trying to find the mandated ones for FREE!
  15. 2bTraumaRN2008


    WHere can I find the required CE requirements for the annual renewal? Do we have to pay for these? I thought they were free? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  16. 2bTraumaRN2008

    How do you draw up meds for IVP?

    All of our narcs are in a carpujet. We waste directly from there if we need to and push directly from it, no diluting. I flush with 3 ml of NS only if they do not have IV fluids infusing. If fluids are infusing, they actually do the "flushing."