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Has anyone taken any classes from Western Governors University, the RN to BSN program? It looks like a great program, but the classes are not your typical pay per class style. They go by a 6 month... Read More

  1. by   fostermomof3
    Has anyone taken chemistry lately at WGU? If so what books did you need, I am starting on Sept 1st but wanted to get a leg up on reading since I haven't taken a chemistry class since highschool.
  2. by   fostermomof3
    Quote from Caid

    I absolutely love WGU! I'm finishing up my statistics class and, although it's very challenging, I find that if I pace myself and do the homework assignments it's not all that bad. I was all set to go to University of Phoenix until the director of the ER/ICU where I work told me about WGU. She actually graduated from U of P but found out about WGU from the ICU lead nurse, who went to WGU and earned her BSN in 8 months. Of course, not everyone is going to go that fast, but you set your pace and if you have the time, you can finish a lot faster than what it would take if you were to go to a classroom setting university. WGU was started by 18 Governors and it's fully accredited. AND it's not for profit. U of P wanted 25,000 for a BSN degree.

    I started my first class in January of this year and expect to finish in December of this year or maybe January of next year. It will cost me a total of 7,500. It's well worth it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    did u have to take biochem? if so what books did you need. I don't start until sept but wanted to get ahead and start reading.
  3. by   Caid
    Fortunately, I took biochem many years ago and it transferred into WGU. You can always contact someone at the school to see if they know the required reading. Good luck, I'm sure you will do fine!

    Don Caid..
  4. by   oyordone
    why two terms? Does it depend on how much you can do? Or do they break it down for you?
  5. by   funfunfun550
    Your science classes have no age limit at Ohio University FYI
  6. by   jessrae
    I'm currently five months into my first 6 month term and my experience has been good on the whole. I needed 27 units to graduate and have completed 25 units in these five months. There was no secret to it, just gave up my entire social/family life for the past few months and do nothing but paper writing on my free time. My last class to complete is the 2 unit practicum and I can't start until the beginning of term 2, because it requires 90 'clinical' hours and I can't complete those in my last four weeks. My biggest, and actually only gripe is that I was deterred from starting the practicum earlier in the term when I requested, thinking I would finish all course work and be left exactly where I am now. One kind of useless month (where I'll have to reintroduce myself to friends and loved ones) until I can start the hours. I think if I had been more pushy and insisted on starting that class earlier, my volunteer hours may have counted toward this class and I could have graduated in one term, as planned.
    Otherwise, the school has been great and except this one area of annoyance, I've liked my mentor. They aren't pushy or sales-pitchy, which I hated about UofP. The price is really reasonable, especially if you are willing and able to put the work into the courses. Since I began in Sept 2012, I've heard from fellow ADN students I recommended the school to that the curriculum changed a lot, so I can only speak to my course load, which was really hard itself.
    Question though, I'm hoping to transfer to Frontier Nursing University after completion of my BSN and some more $ saving. Has anyone graduated WGU and successfully tranferred to FNU?
  7. by   klone
    Quote from jessrae
    One kind of useless month (where I'll have to reintroduce myself to friends and loved ones) until I can start the hours.
    Are you sure? My understanding was always that as soon as you finished HAT Task 1, you could start accruing your practicum hours for HGT.

    I don't have an answer to your question - I actually did the opposite - transferred from FNU (although, it was FSMFN when I attended prior to the name change) to WGU.
  8. by   Cathy4836
    Are their any Diploma RN's enrolling in WGU this spring? Did you have to take a lot of pre-reqs?
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  9. by   Bkanar
    Hey there everyone, I am a RN with a two year degree from Excelsior College, and I am seriously looking at enrolling with WGU. However living in Hawaii, I noticed there isn't much I can do with this degree at other universities, or learning institutions. My concern being that I would like to complete a NP program with focus on mental health delivery, anyone know what to do with this ?

    Thanks so much, also are there any nurses at WGU that graduated from Excelsior college ?
  10. by   featherzRN
    I graduated with excelsior. Know that you'll need to retake a/p/micro if you tested out with those from excelsior, as WGU will require labs. Other than that, loving wgu so far!
  11. by   skoolrn
    I started the RN-MSN program on March 1 and I am taking my final BSN class (my community health fieldwork) and have finished 2 MSN courses!! I have completed 9 courses and 23 credits so far. I will have my BSN as soon as I complete my fieldwork, so no later than August. That will be a 5 month BSN. I have a BS in Biology and an ADN so I started with a lot of satisfied requirements.
  12. by   nursevicki66
  13. by   sugarmagnolia3
    Glad to hear most comments are positive about WGU. I have my enrollment call with my mentor tomorrow, and have already completed the EWB. I too, am going to pursue an NP program. WGUs competency is equal to a 3.0, so I am hoping I won't have any trouble with applying to schools afterward. FYi, I need 37 credits- I am planning to take a year to finish it.

    The only thing I was a little annoyed at was having to take Statistics again. I took it appx 6 years ago, and one must have taken it within the the past 5 years. But, I think having it recently will help with interpreting data, especially in EBP classes. I took an EBP class 2 years ago, and was a little bit lost with forest plots etc.

    Anyway, Best Wishes to All!