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I completed the final oral defense for my MSN through WGU this morning. I also have my BSN from WGU. Completed RN-to-BSN in one, six month term, and the MSN in 11 months and five days (not that... Read More

  1. by   IndyMitchell
    Quote from Talexis
    I definitely would like to get in touch with you. I'm just entering the RN-MSN program and I'm so very excited!!
    Send my a message I have questions about the WHU program
  2. by   breannabingham93
    I am starting the WGU RN to MSN leadership program on October 1st and wanted to see who else will be joining it as well!
  3. by   nursingschooldiva
    what was the program like was it easy? lots of papers? ect?
  4. by   ERnurse71
    Hi Mary,
    I've bee reading all these posts.. or trying to.. I am an ER nurse with my BSN from a different school. I have been a nurse for 6 yrs. I am looking for your opinion or advice on WGU MSN NE program. Such as, I see they are CCNE accredited, so this shouldn't be a problem with validation right? Also would future emoyers accept WGU program when applying for a job? Such as a university instructor? I too am trying to spend as little as possible for a MSN as I am already up to my eyebrows in debt from ADN & BSN.
    Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!
  5. by   hlnorrn
    I am graduating with my BSN at the end of the month and would love to get some information on the MSN program through WGU.
  6. by   Redsox07
    Hello hlnorrn,
    May I suggest that for info on WGU that you go on Facebook. They have FB groups for every WGU major and they are regularly updated. I am currently a student in the WGU MSN Education track, RN-MSN (just about getting into the bulk of the MSN Education courses, finally). I have found that the Facebook groups are really a great place to learn about whatever different questions you may have.
  7. by   RNMal227
    Hey there! I know this is an old post, but may I ask how was your experience? I hope to start July1 in this program.
  8. by   RNMal227
    I start this program July first hopefully. How was your experience??
  9. by   lchirico
    Hello. For the MSN program, which one did you choose to do and how much time would you say you spent each week doing homework? I want to complete mine in a year and that is so awesome you finished in 11 months!
  10. by   Cmr3009
    I couldn't find any fb pages
  11. by   Redsox07

    Cmr3009, if you are looking for FB groups, look for the following all of which I follow & have been very helpful to me: WGU RN TO BSN Support Group, WGU RN BSN-MSN-Support, and WGU RN to MSN Education.