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abixxy MSN, RN

Psych, med/surg, instructor, SNF
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abixxy has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Psych, med/surg, instructor, SNF.

Working in nursing education at an LPN, ADN and BSN school.

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  1. abixxy

    Olivet Post Master's FNP

    Hello, I decided to go back to school and finally get a terminal degree in nursing- before I hit 40. My girlfriend wants to do this together and try and time the marriage/children thing before it's too late. I see Olivet's tr...
  2. abixxy

    RN to MSN with prior BA

    I'll tell you my story and you can draw your own decisions. I have an undergraduate degree in Pre-Physician Assistant studies. It's a bachelor of science in health science. I decided to go the accelerated ADN route as it was cheaper and quicker than ...
  3. abixxy

    Is 28 too old to become a travel nurse?

    My parents were both in their forties when I was born...and I was their only child. Sure, the millennial generation is waiting longer to have children but 28 is not even close to the age you should think about having children. Make a plan- travel nur...
  4. Be very careful about how you handle this. Perhaps you should consult with a lawyer. If your workplace goes to the board of nursing, they are going to do an audit of your employment history. Per BON you cannot lie on job applications regarding resign...
  5. abixxy

    Do you have a free charge nurse on your unit?

    At area hospitals in Cleveland, namely Cleveland Clinic- they have taken a premium pay away from the charge nurse role. We used to get paid extra while we were in this position and now are not compensated. This is a higher liability and this was the ...
  6. Howdy, I have finished my MSN online at WGU and have been pursuing other opportunities for post master's certificates in family NP. I previously applied to Olivette's online FNP program but was turned off when they told me I had to retake my three "P...
  7. abixxy

    Manager catch phrases

    The best part is when staff cynically repeat them. "Is there anything I can do for you?" Would be a frequent from my prior manager that she was completely insincere about and never followed up with you on if you had a question. A great one my mana...
  8. abixxy

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    I will say that when I worked on the medical units, they pushed for bedside report. During this we would update the grease boards with the oncoming nurses names and let them know that their care was being transferred- however using nursing judgement ...
  9. abixxy

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    I tried to enroll in this program just after finishing NCLEX but had to wait as the cohorts did not have a slot open until September, I would say a lot of the content for the MSN program was a branch off of what I had just learned in the ADN program ...
  10. abixxy

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I've been trying to get into this program as I just finished the MSN at WGU however I keep getting hit with road blocks. They said my 3 P's courses will not qualify for their program and I will have to retake them. This is going to be a setback to th...
  11. abixxy

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    How was the post master's program? I am trying to get into the 2.2017 cohort as I was just awarded my MSN from WGU. I read it was a 13 month program. Is it broken down into semesters? 6 weeks? I know you only have to take the core NP courses.
  12. abixxy

    RN to MSN program

    If you don't have children, a fiancé to distract you (or help, some are enablers ( or elderly family to take care of you should be able to complete the program in a little over a year. I started on the RN to MSN journey because I never wanted to...
  13. abixxy

    MSN - how long does it take?

    I completed the RN to MSN bridge program at WGU. I literally just finished my last course for the MSN yesterday. From program start I had completed the BSN component in 7 months. Now remember, I wasn't awarded a BSN degree. I have a paper from WG...
  14. abixxy

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I can confirm after talking to enrollment that there is no hard deadline to apply. I hope to be in your cohort for 2.20. Are you in the post masters?
  15. abixxy

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I am in the process of finishing my MSN at Western Governors University right now and should be done with my last course by the end of the month. The enrollment counselor is out for new years so I was hoping you guys could provide some insight. I am ...
  16. abixxy

    Helping patients kill themselves

    This form of death has been long going in the hospital setting, with DNR patient's getting Q1 Fentanyl. The translation to OP "death with dignity" is controversial, I agree but I also respect it. The patients don't fear death, they fear the prolongme...