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abixxy MSN, RN

Psych, med/surg, instructor, SNF
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abixxy has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Psych, med/surg, instructor, SNF.

Working in nursing education at an LPN, ADN and BSN school.

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  1. abixxy

    Syllabus for the 3 P's

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone that is currently enrolled could send me the syllabus for the advanced pharmacology, advanced pathophysiology and advanced physical assessment. I emailed WGU by the sooner the better, my classes start for FNP 8.31.20.
  2. abixxy

    EKU MSN-FNP graduate- AMA

    Is there a post master's certificate option? Is it ENTIRELY online?
  3. Hello, I completed my MSN in 2017 and am looking to diversify. I took the MSN program at WGU and really don't want to go through another 2 year program as the post Master's certificates can be completed in as little as 13 months- I'm looking at Olivet's online FNP program. They are evaluating everything and slated me for the 24-36 track MSN-FNP which I told them was incorrect, since I have an MSN... Anyways I'm waiting to hear back. Does anyone have experience with them? I applied locally to Kent State and they wanted me to take an additional pharmacological course (I took all the three P's at WGU, but this is an Ohio requirement to have more hours of pharm). Ideally I'd like a program to just start up and work through, I did the accelerated nursing program locally for my associates then completed the ADN-MSN in 15 months at WGU. Let me know!
  4. I finished my MSN in 2017 from WGU and don’t feel challenged as an RN, so my girlfriend and I have decided to go back to school as FNP and PMHNP, respectively. I have a call with a counselor at Olivet next week, I had previously applied a few years ago so my transcripts are on file- but life happened and I was teaching full time. It’s 2020, given the current climate, how is this program? I like the religious affiliation and have only completed accelerated nursing programs- so I see this as exciting.
  5. abixxy

    RN to MSN with prior BA

    I'll tell you my story and you can draw your own decisions. I have an undergraduate degree in Pre-Physician Assistant studies. It's a bachelor of science in health science. I decided to go the accelerated ADN route as it was cheaper and quicker than a BSN program. I do not technically have a BSN degree. I did the RN to MSN bridge at WGU and after I was accepted into the program it took me 15.5 months to finish. It was the most cost effective route and I have no debt!
  6. abixxy

    Manager catch phrases

    The best part is when staff cynically repeat them. "Is there anything I can do for you?" Would be a frequent from my prior manager that she was completely insincere about and never followed up with you on if you had a question. A great one my manager used in emails "it is the expectation" that you attend this staff meeting, document blah blah. Mind you these managers have now resigned and/or been terminated.
  7. abixxy

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    I will say that when I worked on the medical units, they pushed for bedside report. During this we would update the grease boards with the oncoming nurses names and let them know that their care was being transferred- however using nursing judgement if the patient had a rough night and didn't fall asleep until 3AM we would generally just do report outside of the room. That being in mind- remember HIPAA. If the patient is in a semi-private room, you're sharing proprietary information with other ears without the patient's consent. This can be an issue. We also were told to do assessments of IV sites to make sure they had not infiltrated or were beyond the expiration date. Back in my day we only had 3 days before we had to do a site rotation. However, with EBP we are not told that we can leave IVs in for up to 7 days if there is no issues with the site or IV.
  8. abixxy

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    I tried to enroll in this program just after finishing NCLEX but had to wait as the cohorts did not have a slot open until September, I would say a lot of the content for the MSN program was a branch off of what I had just learned in the ADN program I finished so I did help me with content. My friend has been a nurse for 15 years and just finished the paper for her BSN and she was able to answer the pretest questions and score high enough d/t her advanced knowledge of nursing. I thought it was a good fit for a new grad working night shift three 12s. I was able to write papers and take pre tests on the job (just don't tell the employer!)
  9. abixxy

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I've been trying to get into this program as I just finished the MSN at WGU however I keep getting hit with road blocks. They said my 3 P's courses will not qualify for their program and I will have to retake them. This is going to be a setback to the start date and I am also confused as how these courses are offered. If anyone has any input I would appreciate. The admissions counselor is out until Monday.
  10. abixxy

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    How was the post master's program? I am trying to get into the 2.2017 cohort as I was just awarded my MSN from WGU. I read it was a 13 month program. Is it broken down into semesters? 6 weeks? I know you only have to take the core NP courses.
  11. abixxy

    RN to MSN program

    If you don't have children, a fiancé to distract you (or help, some are enablers ( or elderly family to take care of you should be able to complete the program in a little over a year. I started on the RN to MSN journey because I never wanted to have a BSN. I have a bachelors in a related field because I was looking into PA programs after I initially graduated with my BSHS. I can now say I am walking proof that you do not need a BSN. As as far as other commitments are concerned, work played the biggest roadblock in obtaining the degree. I work full time on night shift so I would often have enough downtime to write papers or study on the job. I put in for a transfer to adult psychiatry because I needed something slower paced so I could graduate sooner. I devoted 1-2 full days per week to completing course papers and studying for exams. Some courses only have exams and some courses only have components where you can write papers and get competency. The capstone one is tricky, I wrote it on how to normalize he circadian rhythm of night shift staff in my hospital unit. You have to have a masters prepared nurse at your work/organization sign off on a preceptor agreement. I completed the RN to MSN in just over 15 months. I also was awarded a paper that stated I had completed all of the academic requirements to obtain a BSN, but again I do not have a BSN diploma. This document was written on WGU letter head and was good enough to submit to my organization to fulfill the BSN requirement they have within five years of hire.
  12. abixxy

    MSN - how long does it take?

    I completed the RN to MSN bridge program at WGU. I literally just finished my last course for the MSN yesterday. From program start I had completed the BSN component in 7 months. Now remember, I wasn't awarded a BSN degree. I have a paper from WGU that states I have completed all of the academic requirements of a BSN on their letterhead signed by their enrollment team. This document was good enough to give my employer for the BSN requirement they ask for within 5 years of hire. From beginning to start, I completed the RN to MSN in 15 and a half months. I do not have any children yet and work full time night shift. My friend is in the RN BSN program and has an autistic ten year old so she usually ends each semester in time with her course load.
  13. abixxy

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I can confirm after talking to enrollment that there is no hard deadline to apply. I hope to be in your cohort for 2.20. Are you in the post masters?
  14. abixxy

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I am in the process of finishing my MSN at Western Governors University right now and should be done with my last course by the end of the month. The enrollment counselor is out for new years so I was hoping you guys could provide some insight. I am looking to start in 2.2017. I have all my application documentation submitted (FNP agreement, 2 transcripts from other schools and license) except for my WGU transcript. Is there a deadline from finishing the application to being enrolled? I have talked to friends that are NPs and they are willing to precept. The enrollment counselor said I could theoretically use the same NP for all rotations but they prefer a specific one to the population that is focused in the course.
  15. abixxy

    Helping patients kill themselves

    This form of death has been long going in the hospital setting, with DNR patient's getting Q1 Fentanyl. The translation to OP "death with dignity" is controversial, I agree but I also respect it. The patients don't fear death, they fear the prolongment of it.
  16. abixxy

    Is there a light at the end of the road?

    Are the hospitals you work for not for profit or nonprofit? There is a loan forgiveness program for those working in these types of agencies after 10 years. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service