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  1. empatheticRN

    Accused of not giving dilaudid

    I had a lady like that. She would lie on staff about not getting her Roxanol (Morphine) and so first time I met her I took a witness and every time after that. When she was in a rush to get it, I'd tell her that I am waiting for a witness. I was not taking any chances with her. She even said, you are the only one who does it like that. But thats how you treat liars. Thought to self: " you don't trust me, I don't trust you".
  2. empatheticRN

    2018 HEDIS Nursing

    Did you pay for the pedis training at HEDISworks.com out of pocket? Have you gotten any offers yet.
  3. empatheticRN

    How to learn Hedis in order to apply for jobs

    when does HEDIS season start and end? Cant HEDIS jobs be done all year round?
  4. empatheticRN

    anyone pass the NEW wgu biochemistry c785(2017)?!

    on Facebook there are two groups that give you tips for your WGU classes. "WGU RN To BSN Support Group" &"WGU RN to BSN Classmates". Check there
  5. empatheticRN


    rg42284 how long did it take to complete both course? Did you have prior coding experience?
  6. empatheticRN


    On the AHIMA website, there is a list of eligibility requirement for sitting for the CCS course. If I complete the ED2go course (Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep - Requirements - Online Career Training Program) would that all I need to get the CCS certification? or will I need coding experience as well. This is one of the most difficult field to get into and I really want to be certain. Do you work from home Richard and do you have a coding job?
  7. empatheticRN

    Work at home: HEDIS + CCS = JOB?

    I have only 4 years experience RN bedside experience and was looking into this area/ clinical improvement specialist jobs but they want experience plus certifications. Most jobs that will give you the experience are not remote. I am planning to to do/apply for inpatient jobs in this area and then apply to remote openings after a year or two.
  8. empatheticRN

    Narcotics, benzo, phenergan etc...

    Example 1 (These are the available meds that a patient has) Xanax Dilaudid 0.5 mg IV for pain 4-6 Dilaudid 4mg P.O (pain >6) Phenergan 6.25 mg IV Zanaflex (muscle relaxant) She states her pain is 9/10. I brought in the P.O dilaudid but she refused. I told her that it wasn't time yet (she had to wait another 30 minutes). I finally gave her the IV dilaudid. Less than an hour, she said she was nauseous and wants her phenergan. In no time, she is anxious and wants xanax plus Zanaflex. I know pain is what the patient says, but who is in pain wants to wait 30 minutes when something else is available. Is it safe to give all these meds pretty much at the same time? The Doctor wrote it this way. How do you guys deal with this situation? Example 2 (Patient has Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy which is similar to MS and her joints get painful and swollen) Percocet 10/325 PRN Ambien MScontin (rscheduled dose) Lyrica (scheduled dose) I gave her the MScontin with her Lyrica along with her nighttime meds. 2hrs later, she wants the Percocet which she was due for and 30 minutes after she said she wants ambient because she couldn't sleep. Example 2 doesn't bother me much but example 1 seems like she is trying to get high. I know the doctor ordered her medications that way. But is it even safe to get that many of these types of meds? The nurse that had her 2 nights later said at one time, she went into the room after she had called for her meds and she was so drowsy. She pretended to draw up the meds but instead with saline and she didn't even know the difference and continued to sleep like a baby. Please guys how do you deal with drug seekers. If the doctor orders it , do you just happily give it? Please help me because I don't want to be contributing to someone's addiction.
  9. empatheticRN

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    I am at TESC Edison too and feel so frustrated. Have you completed the BSN now. If so where?
  10. empatheticRN

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    do you have to do webcam for every course? Is it a skills test on webcam or just written?
  11. empatheticRN

    uncrossing of the leg

    I have heard Techs say to patients to uncross their legs especially when taking BP. What is the reason for this ? I guess i fell asleep during nursing school because I've never come across this piece of info.
  12. empatheticRN

    When to clamp a PICC

    we just had an in-service which says that we remove the syringe and then clamp the PICC. All this time I clamped first after I heparinized the PICC , remove the syringe then cap. Which order do you use and what is your rationale? Thanks in advance.
  13. empatheticRN

    Travel nursing and repay a sign-on/relocation bonus?

    thanks for your response. I have been a nurse for total 3years. I have 2years and 4months hospital experience and 6 months of long term care experience. But you have given me a good idea to move into another specialty to make myself more marketable.
  14. empatheticRN

    Made mistakes

    We all make mistakes and I hope you have learnt from this. Co-workers won't always come to you so get used to this. A point of duty for me over the years is to check orders for any IV medication because too many times they have been d/c and are still running. Removing a foley is easy. Get an empty syringe and attach it to the port on the catheter and withdraw all the the saline that was inserted to inflate the balloon. I normally put a washcloth at the base of catheter to collect any drippings. I then use a moist washcloth or wipe to clean the perianal area after removal.
  15. empatheticRN

    Travel nursing and repay a sign-on/relocation bonus?

    Update: Plus I have a little over 40k in student loan debts and I make only $41k a year excluding the bonus. I have expenses and goals and I cannot do it with this meager pay. Staying another year seems like wasting time although it would mean I would have to give the company back their money.