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  1. Redsox07

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Hi, I was a WGU RN-MSN Education student. I graduated with my BSN in 2018. I chose to not complete the MSN Education. Why did I choose RN-MSN and not RN-BSN?: When I started the program, I very much was interested in getting my BSN but I was also partially interested in getting a Masters. I purposely chose the RN-MSN tract over the RN-BSN tract because I felt if I became passionate about the Masters, I did not want to have to reapply for the Masters tract. Hope this helps. Overall, I found WGU to be a good program (not great, but also not bad). I ended up not completing the MSN due to a couple of personal crises that occurred. Also, I started to think it might be better for me to change course and go after an NP or an MBA.
  2. Hi kf-lagcc18, I really love your quote you post by your name "If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it".
  3. Redsox07

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Hi, Cmr3009, if you are looking for FB groups, look for the following all of which I follow & have been very helpful to me: WGU RN TO BSN Support Group, WGU RN BSN-MSN-Support, and WGU RN to MSN Education.
  4. Redsox07

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Hello hlnorrn, May I suggest that for info on WGU that you go on Facebook. They have FB groups for every WGU major and they are regularly updated. I am currently a student in the WGU MSN Education track, RN-MSN (just about getting into the bulk of the MSN Education courses, finally). I have found that the Facebook groups are really a great place to learn about whatever different questions you may have.
  5. Redsox07

    Good dialysis travel companies

    Hi, I have worked as a travel nurse in chronic dialysis for 2+ years. I started with Foundation (2 assignments) and tried Quik Travel (7 assignments). I am now thinking about giving Renal Reserve a try. Really would like to find a place where they genuinely care about you as a person or at least know enough to fake it. I have spoken with AHS Renalstat and know nurses who have worked with them. I was not overly impressed, but I may give them a try.
  6. Redsox07

    SLP or RN?

    Hi, Follow your passion. There's good $$$ in nursing; however, I would bet there's money, too, in SLP. I have been an RN now 10 years and have found that in nursing it is not difficult to make decent money; however, finding stuff that is really interesting (and that also has available jobs) can be a real challenge. Best of luck.
  7. I am so glad you posted (and also Kciccone). I am doing the RN-MSN Education degree at WGU. I am 3 courses away from fulfilling the credits for my BSN and have been thinking about going elsewhere and completing an FNP (instead of the MSN Education). It is good for me to read about how the graduate level courses may not transfer to an FNP. I have spoken to Univ. of Southern California about their FNP program and they said a degree from WGU would be accepted. I think I might also look at some more affordable options, too.
  8. Redsox07

    Undergrad Debt and going for NP

    Do you ever read any of Suze Orman? I really like her (I know some people might not) anyhow - she talks about how school debt is a great investment into yourself. I say go for it. Talk to some doctors, they have all kinds of debt, deep into the 6 figures. You'll do great.
  9. Redsox07

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Hi Nitfree, I am just starting Community Health C229, the field experience. I can let u know how it goes, but I am thinking it might take me maybe 10 weeks to finish it (more or less). My biggest hurdle was finding an approved site. My understanding is that California is the only state that requires the student do this course with an approved preceptor and approved site. Otherwise, my student mentor says I should devote I think 15 hours a week to get the allotted 65 hours. (It's 90 hours total I think. But u get credit for hours from C228, the course w/ the research paper and the comm health test). I bet outside of California, this course is significantly easier. I am going to have to regularily touch base with my preceptor that I'm doing research hours that are worthwhile. Either way, I'm sure it will be interesting. I couldn't drop out and change to a different school. WGU has been so flexible, unlike any other program that would have worked for me (I have been working as a travel nurse throughout California and also in Massachusetts). Best of luck, it'll work out ok.
  10. Redsox07

    Community health OA

    Hi Bleote, Don't be nervous. Know this - YOU WILL DEFINITELY get through this OA. By the end of the course (like me) you will be surprised what new things you've learned. You can post questions here on allnurses or look on the web for help. the notes and focused passbook TheCommuter mentions might work well for you. Don't waste more time than you need. If what your doing isn't helping you improve on the ATI pretests, change it up. Looks like you can post here, maybe TheCommuter can make sure you have the best notes. I can't remember why, but I very much wished I had posted here, like you, when I was struggling. Would have saved a lot of grief, too, and wasted time. I took C228 six months ago. Passed the OA w/ a 74%. I think I had to take that ATI pretests over and over again, maybe like 8 times before I was scoring high enough to take the final OA. I just skimmed the readings in the COS. I was new to community health nursing. I was fortunate to work with a WGU BSN grad. She had even worked as a Community nurse for the Red Cross in Oakland, Calif . (I have ZERO community health nursing experience). I had no idea what a parish nurse was, and a lot of the other stuff, but was able to learn a great deal from my new friend - she had actually worked with parish nurses. Best of luck. You'll get through it. You're not alone.
  11. I wish you best of luck with this, too. I've noticed it's hard to get good info about WGU to NP. I am just about finished with my BSN at WGU. I'm hoping WGU is able to offer NP sooner or later. Have you called any NP schools you're interested in attending? I, too, have been kind of interested in NP. Looks like a local affordable option for me is California State University Los Angeles or Cal State Dominguez Hills. I have not yet called them about WGU BSN. Awhile back I spoke with Simmons College in Boston and Georgetown. They both said they would accept WGU BSN's. I think someone elsewhere on Allnurses wrote that University of Southern California, too, will accept WGU BSN's. Best of luck. Update us with your info.
  12. Take it through WGU or somewhere similar. One thing I think is not really written much about all the money saved by going to school online. - I can not believe how much time and energy I am saving (at WGU) in terms of NOT having to deal with parking and waiting in lines. With WGU, you don't have to worry about your car getting broken in or if you love/hate your professor and then the professor QUITS (this happened to me TWICE at university and community college). With WGU, you set your own schedule... Seems, too, like it really trains you to be the best, most organized student that you can be. Best of luck
  13. Redsox07

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    I am in the middle of the WGU RN-MSN Education track (looks like I won't be finishing the MSN until Spring 2017). I was wondering - for any other MSN graduates, what kind of work can I look forward to applying? I started this whole thing because I was interested in teaching. I actually have some other interests, though, like working for a medical device company (I live in Southern California). I was just wondering if there are people who have heard of really fun or really out there jobs that I may not even be considering. Thanks very much and best of luck everyone.
  14. Redsox07

    Appealing Work Returned for Revision

    When I have had different papers require revising, I must admit, the thing that hurts most is my pride. I really wanted to be one of those WGU students that gets through the entire problem not needing a single revision.... But, whatever, that ain't me. Good thing is - as far as I know - you can revise and revise over and over and over again until it passes. Passing is all that matters. (I think that's true. Am not entirely sure about that). Simply, read their revisions, you can also email the course mentor for assistance and submit again. I had to revise some stuff when I took biochemistry. They said some of my photos were not positioned correctly. When I improved one of the views on my google slides, I immediately understood what they meant. It would have saved me like 3 days if I had simply emailed or phoned the course mentor to hear them say - "Your photos are cropped incorrectly." I think ultimately, the course mentors are on your side and appealing (this is just my feeling) might be a waste of valuable time and energy. But, do what you think is right.
  15. Redsox07

    Do WGU graduates find jobs?

    I am glad to see the comments above about life as an EMT-B. Studying for my pre nursing school classes, I worked as an EMT in Inglewood, California. We were earning like a dollar or two more than minimum wage but it was the most fun I ever had. I did it for 3 years before I realized I'd better increase my scope of practice so that I could do more than just live off generic cola and ramen noodles. , Other EMTB's were preparing for medical school, paramedic school, fire academy, and police. I was thinking I might go paramedic for awhile. We had access to some interesting medical cases and sometimes (though not always) you could ask questions of the doctors and nurses and they were happy to talk with us - many of them had been EMT's too. As far as I know, no WGU grad has ever posted here that they had difficulty improving their career and job situation upon graduating from WGU. I am just loving that I'll be able to get my BSN and hopefully MSN at roughly 1/3rd of what other routes would cost me. WGU is the real deal. That said - when I started I had hoped it would be a cake walk. It is not. (For me) it has been some hard work and some very serious focused studying. I'm very glad to say, I have really enjoyed many of the things of learned, too, in the different courses. It has really shown me why (when they're interviewing inexperienced RN's) the best hospitals prefer BSN's to associate degree RN's. Best of luck.
  16. Redsox07

    RN to MSN for the new RN

    I think you'll be fine. And I think just about any future employer would agree - you are doing the right thing. I really, really love the flexibility of WGU. All kinds of things have happened in my professional and personal life since I started WGU more than a year ago - if I had started at a traditional brick and mortar school, I would have had to drop out a long time ago. I wanted to add - it has been thrilling when I mention to some patients and patients' families "I'm going back to school for my master's" and they tell me they think that's wonderful, that I seem like a nurse who can be a good teacher to other nurses (that's my ultimate goal).