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i have heard of west coast university in southern california that offers the BSN in 3 years. i am actually considering this, but im predicting the price tag on that will not be pretty. does any one know about this program? are there other bsn or lvn-bsn programs out there that are not impacted, meaning no waiting lists, and no high competition. pretty much programs that you just meet the requirements and get in.


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i remember a school with "west" in its name. they charge a tuition of $120,000 for their program. i did a search on the school you mentioned and the never discuss tuition. this may be the school. quite honestly, i can't imagine why a school is charging $120k for tuition. while the school notes the financial aid is easily obtainable, but you will have to pay the loans back. for my money, i would prefer to use my income for something i want---a car, downpayment on a house, motor home, first class vacation or...instead of paying off student loansn. wonder what the monthly payment would be for a loan of $120,000.

i did a search on the school and others in la. here is what i found:

colleges in los angeles, ca


university of california at los angeles

the school is located in los angeles. over 37,000 students attend this school. 11 videos. steep tuition. well known for their medical, psychology, and economics programs. bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctoral degree are offered. available tuition loans.

california state university at los angeles

well known for business, management, and psychology programs. more than 20,000 students enrolled. bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctoral degree are offered. relatively safe campus. reasonably priced on-campus housing. this college is located in los angeles. limited student loans.

los angeles city college

10 videos. associate degree is available. extremely limited financial aid. emphasis on psychology, business, and performing arts degree programs. the school is located in los angeles. inexpensive tuition costs. about 17,000 students enrolled.

los angeles trade technical college

inexpensive tuition fees. this campus is located in los angeles. 14 videos. relatively safe campus. about 15,000 students attend this school. associate degree is available. has strong psychology, automotive and mechanic, and business degree programs.

loyola marymount university

moderately priced on-campus housing accommodations. 17 videos. known for business, law, and performing arts degree programs. the school is in los angeles. presumably unsafe campus. very expensive tuition rates. bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctoral degree are available.

los angeles southwest college

roughly 7,000 students. this campus is in los angeles. inexpensive tuition. associate degree is available. extremely limited financial aid. well known for their psychology, business, and criminal justice programs. relatively safe campus.

mount saint mary's college

easily obtainable financial aid. relatively safe campus. associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctoral degree are available. concentration on nursing, sociology and anthropology, and medical programs. very expensive tuition rates. about 2,300 students. the campus is in los angeles.


west coast university

easily obtainable financial aid. associate degree and bachelor's degree are offered. safe campus. around 800 students enrolled. the campus is in los angeles. very expensive tuition prices. 20 videos.

los angeles county college of nursing and allied health

this school is in los angeles. associate degree is available. roughly 300 students are enrolled.


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Are all the schools you posted have waiting list or you can get in right away?


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I know that all the universities like UCLA and CSULA have waiting lists are are very competitive. Most community colleges are random lottery pick, but usually have 700-100 applications for about 30 spots, so you could be waiting a long time. As for West Coast, its not 120k....there are several people at my work who have gone down there to talk to admissions and the tuition is about 60K. And form what I hear from RN's, the school is up and coming and gaining more respect from employers and no longer seen as a "western career college" type school. Hope this helps!! this is the only school in Ca that I know of with guaranteed acceptance.


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thanks! i think the 120k amount includes pre-reqs also. so if u already have those cleared, the tuition amount will lower. but thanks for the info! its nice hearing about 60k, compared to a set 120.


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Does anyone have anymore information about this school. I did speak to admissions and if you have pre-reqs completed, it drops your time with the program. So less time, means less classes, means less money= a good thing. I am really considering this. It seems like a decent way to get into a program and avoid having to wait. Like i have been for the past 2 years,.


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I will be starting at this school next month.

yes - if you have pre-reqs completed, your time with the program will shorten IF those pre-reqs are within 5years and are approved. I was only able to transfer 3 out of the 11 pre-req classes that I've already taken because they were older than 5years :(.

it's ok though because it beats waiting....:)

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I wouldn't touch it with a 10-ft pole because I want a graduate degree when I finish my nursing program. WCU degrees don't transfer. I know someone who is there and regrets every second of it because of that and the unbelievable price. Oh well :(

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The BSN degree program at West Coast University has a tuition of $132,000. Let's look at the cold, hard numbers...

If you obtain a $132,000 student loan at 6.875% interest financed over 10 years, your payment will be a whopping $1524.14 per month! Sorry, but that is a ridiculous amount of student loan debt that will follow you for the rest of your life. My house payment is nowhere near $1500! Student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and the government will garnish your wages if you fail to pay.

It is time to exercise some deferred gratification. Patient people defer their gratification, while impulsive people are always in need of instant gratification. The degree at the affordable state university might take a lot longer, but it will be worth it in the end.

Cal State = deferred gratification

West Coast = instant gratification

Keep in mind that you might be unable to afford the house, nice car, vacations, and other middle class comforts as an RN with more than $1,500 in monthly student loans saddling you down. It is your choice.


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hi rygu....have you started the program yet and how do you like it?...i plan to enroll for January 2011....also, how much was your ACTUAL TOTAL cost for the program?


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Hi savedo75,

I was suppose to start the program last month but decided to cancel my enrollment there to cram all my pre-reqs that they require at my junior college: 1. to save a LOT of money and 2. to save half a years worth of time, WCU pre-reqs take about a year because they only sign you up for about 2 or 3 classes per term, I'm taking all them of them within 2 semesters at jc, about 5-6 classes per semester.

the actual cost of the program is expensive, well over 100k, i believe it is now 32k (a little over 15k per semester which includes 2 terms)? but it could have gone up.

try to take your pre-reqs at junior college and transfer them over (if you've already taken one of their pre-reqs make sure its within 5 years otherwise you have to retake it).

hope that helps! good luck and maybe we'll be classmates or something in jan 2011! =0


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hi rygu...thanks for the quick reply!!...i've completed some of my pre-req's at my junior college...for the fall semester, i'm taking 5 classes including statistics...so i should be done with most EXCEPT microbiology, biochemistry, pathophysiology, and cultural pluralism.....i would take microbiology at my school, but i just don't want to wait any longer...i'm 35 years old and i want to graduate before i turn 40....i'll be taking the HESI exam in August...for your reasons 1 & 2, that's the same thing i'm going for....if i enroll for the January start, i would be done by August of 2013 - approx. 31 months vs. 39 months......how was the HESI exam?...was it easy?...i'm studying the guide that they provided...