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any of you do any weightlifting/powerlifting/bodybuilding?


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As for me, I play basketball 3x a week and rest every other day. I also do some lifting when I'm off the court.

i have become more and more into health and sports nutrition over the years 27 now, i used to be a competitive swimmer after that i have gotten into weights and yoga and other various forms of working out,

I;ve done power lifting and body building, currently doing p90x

i don't care about size though i do like a little mass but nothing straining on the body, you know still be able to fit in normal clothes,

i believe that everyone is built a certain way and if you add too much mass you put too much strain on the heart joints and ligaments.

i absolutely love yoga and eating healthy is a must,

i'm 6'1 197 lbs tall and thin with very broad shoulders, so bench is hard for me =(

my only real goals are to bench 225 20 times, be able to do the splits, a true one arm pull up, and a hand stand push up by raising my legs up slowly to hand stand and then push up with no assistance, and of course eat healthy and keep up my cardio health.

As for me, i pretty much just do cardio and a lil bit of weight lifting.

I competed in the Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness (SNBF) drugfree bodybuilding league for a couple years. My proudest competition was placing 3rd of 8 men at only 17yrs old.

Now.. can't compete because of college.. too much goes into competitive bodybuilding. Since then, I work as a personal trainer :) I do still train myself though, just not to the same extent as before.

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I have been into the gym on and off for ten years. Never seemed to get much in the way of bulk. This time around I had gotten FAT. I worked at catering for the university I go to nursing school at. Never work in catering, the amount of food thrown out makes it impossible not to gorge. I have had a problem with gorging seems like forever, just love to eat until it hurts, then have dessert. Add the cortisol of nsg school stress and that BMI reached the dreaded 30. So I got back to the gym. Started walking, moved to treadmill, knees sent me to eliptical. Got to the point I was doing about 2 hours solid 6 days a week. Still not losing much weight. Finally worked on the diet (still a struggle) and starting losing modestly. Those of you talking about the simple math of I/O I was consuming 2200 and working out 6XWK and losing very little. Then they had a program at the gym with free personal training. Cut my cardio to 3XWK and started lifting 2XWK first at sets of 10 by 3 then moved up weights to 3 rep max until up to 8 reps at that weight then up again. Lost 15 pounds in 2.5 mos vs 7 lbs in 5 mos and for the first time I am getting big. I am all about the heavy weight now.

I have one problem though my knees kill me after squats sometimes for several days any ideas?

yeah I lift and I get all my exercises from men's health and fitness magazine as well as dancing. it helps. I control what i eat well although it consists of fatty food and sweets. I am happy.


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I haven't been on here in a while but I searched through some of the posts and it's good to see the activeness.

I turned from more of 'powerlifting' to mma a couple months ago and I love it. I still powerlift but more for functional strength and more of the strongman stuff (tire flips, kettle bells). It's a good change and I've always wanted to fight, hopefully in the next few months I can schedule one.

Everyone still keeping active and healthy?

push ups, curls and squats help a lot... a lot of running too...

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