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  1. Agency Owners Out There?!

    Hello, Everybody! I am trying to find healthcare agency owners and ask them about their software problems. I have been researching the healthcare software for a while and I would like to see what the problems and pains are with the software that is c...
  2. Biggest Issues Working For An Agency?

    No worries. Thank you for your experience. PM sent ?
  3. Biggest Issues Working For An Agency?

    No one has had any issues with working in an agency? ?
  4. Biggest Issues Working For An Agency?

    Hello everybody! I am interested to see what everyones biggest issues are with working for an agency. I've heard some good stories and a lot of bad. What's everyones experiences with working for an agency? What are the biggest pains or problems from ...
  5. Going Solo as an agency

    Wondering if you have went through with this and what your experience was.
  6. Biggest Pain or Problem

    FQHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center. Basically a health center that serves an underserved area or population and receives federal funding.
  7. Biggest Pain or Problem

    NurseSpeedy - What about these, only bad thing is that it takes a month to ship from China:
  8. Biggest Pain or Problem

    mmc51264 - I can definitely see that. Do you know where the nurses go, do they go to another department or nursing job or leave nursing altogether? CommunityRNBSN - That's crazy, do you think the management realizes this, or they just don't care? I...
  9. Biggest Pain or Problem

    StillSearchingRN I know of nurses that mental health issues turn out to be a basis for managers firing just beacause they don't like the person, even in remission. It's sad how some places treat nurses (and even people). Maybe it was a blessing you ...
  10. Reputable Agencies

    Thank you for that, I see what you mean. So the experience depends mostly upon the recruiter. Let me ask, what makes a good recruiter or a bad one? What qualities are best sought after when looking at agencies? Is it dependent upon the recruiter in w...
  11. Reputable Agencies

    I agree, but couldn't there be a fair mix with the two? The main purpose of business is to solve problems, I understand there are essentially two different parties with two different interests but there has to be a fair balance with that process that...
  12. Biggest Pain or Problem

    WOW!, that is a doozy. You may have a lawsuit but it would be a battle. Has this abuse been an issue throughout your career?
  13. Biggest Pain or Problem

    That is definitely difficult to do, especially knowing that there isn't much you can do about it. Do you ever have time to discuss their addiction with them?
  14. Biggest Pain or Problem

    Could you elaborate more on the maltreatment? I think I know where you are coming from but just want to hear your experience.
  15. Reputable Agencies

    I'm curious as to why you say this? What makes them 'bad' and what would make them better? I'm asking just because I am interested in learning.