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Caffeine supplements as in green tea extract and guarana. I have used caffeine pills in the past and that is WAY too much. As a previous poster stated, you'll pop them too much and I got to the point where I was taking 2-3 a day. Also got to the point where I needed caffeine or I would get really bad headaches, and what can help really bad headaches? Caffeine. Lol don't self medicate. Don't get dependent on caffeine, if you need it, use natural caffeine supplements, natural.


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great advice, so going to the gym and still doing well in nursing school is obtainable?

You have to choose to make it a priority to stay physically fit, but doing so will pay off in you having the energy and focus to succeed. I agree with Commuter's healthy snack bag ideas, though I believe in eating the whole egg. A wise nurse once told me that the weight battle is 20% exercise and 80% diet, and he was completely right. I worked out hard, but it wasn't until I started controlling portions that the weight came off. I use MyFitnessPal, a free smartphone app, to track the calories I eat and what I burn exercising. It's easy and makes a huge difference in your awareness. I lost 50 pounds in six months and am using the app to keep it off.

I also use RunKeeper, another free app that you can link up with MyFitnessPal, to log my outdoor running, walking, and hiking. The apps figure out your calories for you based on weight, distance, speed, etc. So freakin easy! :)


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Why do people think you can't stay healthy and fit during nursing school? Don't they teach time management and prioritization?

Just curious.

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I would like to also add that I run. It is a huge stress reliever for me. And yes, you can do it while in nursing school. I just got my schedule for the first semester of the program and I will only be there 3 days a week. They are 3 long days but only three nonetheless. I also go to bed and wake up at the same time every day regardless of what my school schedule is. So on my off days once I take my son to the bus in the morning, I run. I only drink one five hour energy a day, but for me it works. I feel refreshed after I drink it.

On a side note, I did my final research project on different energy drinks and memory retention this past semester in my Advanced Physiology class. There is an ingredient in there that helps you retain memory. It is actually in the early phases of being tested on early stages of alzheimers and dementia. We tested several drinks including 5 hour and one specifically targeted for memory, called Nawgin. They all worked, but 5 hour worked the best. So if you get any benefits of the energy, you can also get added memory benefit. :yes:


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Going into my fifth semester and I haven't had one cup of coffee. I do try to go to sleep at a decent hour every night. I put an end to studying each day by about 9pm and get in bed no later than 10pm. I am not a particularly good sleeper so if I don't have some rules for myself, I will be seriously sleep deprived.

I have tried to maintain a decent exercise schedule throughout nursing school. There have been times that I didn't exercise due to such a high work load and lots of stress. But I do get back to it shortly afterward. Today I weigh a couple of pounds less than I did my first semester. But my weight has fluctuated a few lbs up and a few lbs down along the way.

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Why do people think you can't stay healthy and fit during nursing school? Don't they teach time management and prioritization?

Just curious.

Not all nursing programs teach time management, unfortunately. Some new nurses must learn it the hard way, through baptism by fire. Some nurses never learn it.