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I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm about 5 weeks. I was told not to lift anything over 25lbs, due to the fact that my last pregnancy was high risk. Are there any other restrictions I should follow? Am I allowed to care for pts with MRSA, VRE, cdiff, etc?? Last week I was assigned a pt with MRSA and one with VRE, and now I'm worried about the effects on the pregnancy. Also, before I discovered I was pregnant last week, I gave an oral antineoplastic. I wore gloves when giving it, but do you think it could pose a problem? I'm so nervous about being pregnant while working as an RN. As I mentioned before, my last pregnancy was high risk. I was taken out of work at approximately 5 weeks because I had started bleeding and it continued through my pregnancy. I was put on light duty for the duration of my pregnancy, so I was not working on the unit. So far I've had one episode of bleeding this pregnancy, but they think it's just "normal" implantation bleeding. Any advice on do's and dont's of working as an RN while pregnant would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm in my 32nd week of pregnancy. I work as an LPN in LTC/SNF and I was in my last semester of RN school up until my 23rd week on floor with med/surg, onco, and dialysis patients. If the doc says don't lift over 25lbs then follow the docs advice and ask for help when you have to position patients. I don't see too many other scenarios where you might have to lift more than 25lbs. I have a toddler who weighs over 30lbs and I have to lift her a couple of times a day and so far I'm fine.

During clinicals the only patients I refused to take were chemo patients, or those with radioactive implants. Would you believe that I got into it with my clinical instructor for refusing? Her justification was that she didn't expect me to stay in the room long and that I was being a baby. She was obviously a nut but I digress.

Every pregnancy is different. I had complications with my first pregnancy and he was born at 32 weeks. I went on to have a second uneventful pregnancy and this pregnancy seems to be going fine at 32 weeks. I make sure that I am careful and follow all of the precautions. I'm still working full-time and we have residents with VRE, C-diff, and MRSA. I also have given out given out oral anti-neoplastics with gloves of course. Use the proper precautions along with common sense and all should be well.

A normal pregnancy there are no restrictions except chemo and radiation, I would also add not to be near infectious patients.

Do what you OB says and best of luck.


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Always use precautions and get help when lefting.


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CMV is of concern for pregnant women. You should not take care of a patient with CMV concerns. And since it's in urine not so infrequently, be extra good about gloving if you're normally not. :)

thank you all for your help! I feel much better now.


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You should pop over to the H1N1 forum and read the lastest info about pregnancy and influenza.

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For the most part, so long as you're following standard precautions you should be ok. I didn't take care of known CMV or varicella patients (even though I have varicella immunity, my charge nurses didn't want me to). Depending on who you work with, they might be very protective. I had no problem going into the room of a patient who was on isolation, since I was following recommended precautions. Then the "big brothers" would come in and kick me out. :lol2:

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Ok, here is what I would do:

I would get a note from your Physician(s) which specifically lists what I can and can not do on during my shifts. I'd give a copy to Employee Health and to my Nurse Manager.

Then, if something does come up, I'm covered. No co-workers squabbling and nit-picking and grumbling regarding why I can't do something because "they did it when they were pregnant". Md note=end of discussion. I should not have to explain my medical condition to anyone.

I've worked w/ many pregnant women over the years. The pregnant women that seem to receive the most understanding from co-workers regarding specific restrictions are those that have notes from their MDs. Pregnant women who seem to decide for themselves 'when or what' can or can't be done, always seem to be scrutinized a lot because their cans/can't are usually very vague and inconsistent.

Good luck!

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