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2 weeks left of nursing school


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I started in January, went through the second semester in the summer, and now I'm at the end of my final semester. These next 2 weeks will consist of studying for the last med surg exam (most of my class is failing, we all need to pass this last exam), studying for finals for our med surg and pediatrics class, and taking our Jurisprudence and ATI comp predictors, which will count as grades for our professional development class.

I am hopeful that my whole class will make it through all this and make it to our pinning ceremony, which is on December 12. It's been a long and crazy ride.

Any advice for an almost LVN graduate?

Most of the class is failing??? that's scary. Good luck on the test!

Im starting my LPN program on Dec 1st. Very nervous. What tips or suggestions would you give to a new student just starting the program? Thank you.


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I graduate on December 5th :up: Start studying for the nclex asap because, as my clinical instructor said, "nursing school doesnt mean anything if you cant pass your state boards".


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Hey smartypants, I am also preparing for pinning, December 10. Do you have any jobs lined up yet? Any ideas what focus you are wanting to get into? Are you planning on going on to RN after this? I have been advised not to wait to go on. My instructor have told me to keep going. I am excited to graduate, it's been 2 long years in the part time LPN program.


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Yes. Make sure you stay ahead of the game with your studies. Make yourself study something every day. Find out what kind of studying is beneficial for you, and stick with it. Avoid the drama of your class, don't get involved in it. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, exercise at least 5 minutes every day. Keep moving. You will put on weight in nursing school if you aren't vigilant about what you eat. Keep an extra set of clinical scrubs, watch, and namebadge in your car with you. Never know when you are going to be covered in a nasty substance you don't want to wear all day. ASK QUESTIONS. Ask more questions! Clarify. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Take advantage of every resource available for you. Study groups, study guides, tutoring, extra lab time, anything offered to you, be sure to check it out.

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@victorias1 Study as much as you can, especially the harder classes like pharmacology and med surg. Make friends and study groups, I wouldn't have made it without my friends and study group, we always help each other out.

@PD82 Congrats to you! I plan to study for NCLEX as soon as I finish, maybe take a break for the holidays and take it up again.

@NurseKellyKMo Congrats to you too. Yes, I plan on going on to RN, I just need to take more prereqs. I am not sure where I want to get a job, just anywhere that will take a new grad. Thank you for your tips.

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My pinning ceremony is Dec 17th!! I'm so excited!! Congrats to a of us who has made it so far. We will ROCK nclex & all get jobs!!!


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A year ago I was sitting where you are with weeks left to graduation. I graduated, passed NCLEX and have been employed as a LPN almost 10 months now.

My advise to those of you about to graduate....do not wait too long after graduation to take NCLEX. Take it as soon as possible while all that material is still fresh in your brain.

smartypants22, LVN

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Thank you SWM2009!! I just have 2 finals and an ATI comp predictor left, next Wednesday is our last day, then pinning on Friday the week after. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for your tips.

Nienna Celebrindal

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Congratulations! My advice is keep your head down until you are done, enjoy your pinning, and don't put a lot of pressure on studying until after Christmas. But after tell everyone you'll see them after boards, deactivate your social media, put friends and anything you can on hold and study, study, study. I agree with PP, take your nclex sooner rather than later. You will never feel ready, but no one really does.